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Our personal injury lawyers at Hughes and Coleman are committed to providing you the best, most efficient, and most affordable legal services. We understand how stressful these situations are and want to make the process as simple and straight forward as possible. When you have suffered a personal injury, you should be focusing on getting better. Our team is ready to represent you and make sure your best interests are looked after.

Our family atmosphere will help to make you relax a little, and feel at home. We pride ourselves in our team spirit that supports you in every step of your journey. When we support each other in a team environment we are also able to support you in the best possible way. That’s the power of Hughes and Coleman Injury Lawyers.

Brent Travelsted

In Loving Memory

Brent was an incredible co-worker, attorney and friend to everyone at Hughes and Coleman. He dedicated his life to serving the people in our community for more than 20 years. Brent will truly be missed and we as a firm plan to continue on with his legacy.