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Alex Wheeler

“Being an attorney is about more than just being knowledgeable about the law; being an attorney is about being both a guide and partner in helping clients navigate some of the most difficult moments in their life. It is my own experiences with both loss and triumph that lets clients know they are not alone in their fight—they have someone on their side that can relate to their story and help them through it.”

The loss of Alex’s little brother to an overdose pushed him to pursue his dream of becoming an attorney—fighting for those who are vulnerable. It was during his first year of law school when he realized working with those who have been injured and harmed was the best way he could make justice happen. By combining both his understanding of the emotional and physical hardships that client’s are going through with a dedication to fighting on their behalf, he works hard to let clients know that he is fighting for them just as if they were his own family.

Alex is a native Kentuckian who grew up always wanting to be an attorney. After losing his younger brother to an overdose, his passion to serve those in need led him to enroll in the University of Kentucky Law School. Upon becoming a Hughes & Coleman Law Clerk, his desire to pursue a path in helping clients find justice became his career goal. He loves to be a part of achieving victories for clients while working hard to ensure they know they have an advocate who relates to their loss, pain, and suffering. He knows every client is someone’s husband or wife, mother or father, sister or brother, grandmother or grandfather, and not only do they themselves deserve justice, but so do their loved ones.

As the caretaker for his own grandparents, Alex’s focus on advocating for those who live in nursing homes allows him to bring a unique passion to fight for them the way he would his own family. He understands the compassion, patience, and attention to detail that clients and their families both expect, and deserve, from those they trust to take care of their loved ones. He works hard to give a voice to those that are subjected to neglect, abuse, negligence, and financial exploitation by nursing homes.

Alex is a member of the State Bar of Kentucky and lives in Lexington, Kentucky with his wife (Katharine), three cats (Atticus, Scout, and Phoenix), and one dog (Sid). Alex is looking forward to growing his family beyond his four fur-babies. He loves taking walks at the Arboretum, hiking, running, reading, and spending time with his wife and grandparents.

  • University of Kentucky, Bachelors Degree: History & Minor in Business
  • University of Kentucky, Juris Doctor
  • State Bar of Kentucky

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