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Anna Finnerty

"All victims have one thing in common - they did not ask to be injured. Helping them through the unfamiliar, confusing and sometimes unfeeling system is rewarding to me and fuels my passion as an attorney.”
Anna pursued her passion of helping victims through the criminal justice system for many years and, at Hughes & Coleman, she continues her passion for helping victims with their cases through the most difficult stages of their personal injury claim.

Anna Finnerty knew early on in her career that helping her clients through the legal system was going to be rewarding. In particular, Anna felt satisfaction in helping those who were victims and, through no fault of their own, had been thrown in a system that is sometimes tough and foreign to navigate.

A victim will suffer a lot of issues after an accident, physical injuries, financial loss through missed work, loss of a vehicle, multiple appointments with a provider or multiple providers, bills from those providers, and the mental trauma associated with the accident. As a personal injury Attorney, Anna helps her clients through each stage and, through her experience, advises them confidently of the necessary steps to resolve the case.

Away from the office, Anna and her husband, Chuck, enjoy spending time with their children, John, Elizabeth, Andrew, Brandi and Thomas. Much of their time is spent with them and enjoying their activities and accomplishments.

  • Indiana University, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
  • Valparaiso University School of Law, Juris Doctor
  • State Bar of Kentucky
  • State Bar of Indiana

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