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The goal of using a medical device is to get your life as close as possible to a healthy state. Yet, suppose the product did not receive adequate testing or was manufactured carelessly. In that case, it could cause you injury. Each year, this type of negligence harms thousands of individuals.

Have you been the victim of a defective instrument used by healthcare professionals? If so, let us help. These cases can be complex, and the responsible parties are often resistant to helping victims. However, an attorney with our law firm can help you obtain the compensation you require for your defective product injury.

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Common Reasons For a Medical Product Liability Case

There can be many causes of medical product failure. Often, they fall into the categories mentioned below.

Faulty medical devices

The defective product may not perform as intended because of:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Insufficient instructions and warnings

Medical device malpractice

An instrument used in the field of medicine may fail to operate properly in conjunction with human error. For example, these are some common reasons for malfunctions with instruments used in medicine that relate to human carelessness.

  • The medicinal equipment is used or operated in inappropriate circumstances
  • The installation of the equipment is incorrect, thus harming the patient or diminishing the usefulness of the device
  • A lack of attention in monitoring the equipment, in turn reducing the effectiveness of the device or overlooking complications

Of course, other issues and forms of neglect could cause a defective product to injure the user. Please speak with an informed attorney at Hughes & Coleman. 

Our lawyers can dispense crucial legal advice crucial to your case. With our assistance, you can understand what and who caused your injury so you can get the compensation you need.

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Get the Essential Help You Need From an Attorney

Cases focused on medical devices that have failed can be complicated. These types of claims may be centered on a mechanical issue and therefore often require technical analysis.

The analysis is usually performed by technology specialists for machines and equipment used in healthcare. The evaluation of medical experts can also be useful. In turn, their testimonies must be interpreted and related to the law. Without the assistance of an attorney, this process can be overwhelming.

Lawyers can help with determining appropriate monetary compensation based on these sources’ testimony and analyses. Assistance from an attorney is especially valuable when the victim experiences injuries that are long-term or permanent. A lawyer can also handle difficult aspects of a case when a machine used in the field of medicine results in wrongful death.

Additionally, when a medical product is defective, a victim does not have an indefinite amount of time to pursue compensation. Determining the amount of time remaining to file your case can be challenging. It is best to have a knowledgeable attorney familiar with these timelines to help you file correctly and on time.

Compensation Victims Can Seek

The exact injuries that can be suffered from a faulty product will vary from person to person. How a defective product interacts with you and your body is unique. Therefore, the malfunctioning product or negligence can incur damages unique to your situation. 

Following are the most common damages that a person may seek to recover after an injury: 

  • Medical expense reimbursement
  • Financial assistance for future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished earning capacity and lost wages

These are not the only damages for which you can receive restitution. Please speak with a team member at our local law office to find out what compensation you may qualify to receive. Our lawyers can use insight and prudence to bolster the foundation of your case.

Hughes & Coleman Helps the Injured Victims of Bowling Green

A medical device aims to improve the health and quality of life of a person who is suffering. When designed or manufactured poorly, however, these devices can do the very opposite. If you are the victim of an injury related to equipment used in medicine, we can help. 

The team at Hughes & Coleman wants you to feel better as soon as possible and have legal success. Our lawyers can help bridge your unique case with the laws related to defective products. With diligence and rigor, we pursue justice for our clients in Kentucky.

Our law firm of Hughes & Coleman in Bowling Green consists of personal injury attorneys with extensive experience. We have practical knowledge built up by years of practice. 

Why not consult with a member of our team? With our lawyers’ clear-sighted understanding of the law, the compensation you qualify for is not far off.

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