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If you’ve been injured in a Murfreesboro motorcycle accident, then you know that it only takes a second for another person’s negligent actions to cause a crash that can change your life in more ways than you realize.

You could face months or even years of medical care and rehabilitation. You may have to miss substantial work time while you recover. Even your family life and your ability to enjoy the activities you love could suffer. On top of everything else, the financial stress can be overwhelming. The Murfreesboro motorcycle accident lawyers from Hughes & Coleman can help you pursue compensation from the person responsible for your injuries and hold them accountable.

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The Hughes & Coleman® Team Fights for Fair Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Victims

Feeling stressed is normal after a motorcycle wreck. You may also resent the fact that someone else caused the crash, yet you are the one suffering. That is okay, too, and we hear that sentiment from many of our clients. We also receive many questions about what to expect in the days and weeks ahead. For instance:

  • How am I going to afford my medical treatments?
  • How will I pay my bills in the meantime if I am not working?
  • What if I can never go back to work?
  • What if the other driver denies they were at fault?
  • What happens if the insurance company does not approve my claim?

A Murfreesboro personal injury lawyer from our team will sit down with you and go through your concerns one by one. Your attorney will aggressively handle the legal side, which includes investigating your crash, identifying the responsible party or parties, and collecting evidence against them. But we also have a dedicated support staff to help with everything else. This includes:

  • Helping you deal with insurance paperwork
  • Sending you updates on your case
  • Serving as a liaison between you and the insurance company

We want you to focus all your time on your recovery and your family. That is why our team handles not just the legal heavy lifting but all the minutiae that comes with a personal injury case.

Before You Accept the Insurance Company’s Call, Talk to a Murfreesboro Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After your accident, you can expect a call from the insurance company — either yours or the other driver’s. The call may come within days of the crash, or even later the same day. We strongly advise against you taking this call before you have met with a lawyer. Several things can happen on a call with the insurance company, and typically none of them are in your interest.

The Insurance Adjuster Can Use Your Statements Against You

The insurance adjuster will likely ask you many questions about the accident. It may appear as though this is to help process your claim more quickly or because they are genuinely concerned about you, but as many accident victims have found, one carelessly worded statement can sink an otherwise lucrative claim. This is the danger of talking to the insurer without going through a lawyer. The insurance adjuster could take any comment you make out of context and twist it to work against you.

You Accept a Sub-par Settlement

The other possibility is that the insurer offers you a settlement and you take it. On the surface, this may not sound like a bad deal. Your medical bills are piling up and you are unable to work, why not accept an offer that gets a check in the mail fast?

The problem is, when you accept the first offer the insurer puts in front of you, you usually end up leaving money on the table — often a significant amount. Our goal is to get you a settlement quickly without settling for less.

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Hughes & Coleman® Helps You Recover the Compensation You Deserve for Your Accident Injuries

Do you know the value of your motorcycle accident injury case? Chances are, it is worth more than you realize. Once we take on your case, we launch a full investigation into your accident. This investigation has several goals, but one of the big ones is to determine exactly how much compensation the negligent party owes you.

Every motorcycle accident case is different. Many factors determine the value of your case and the damages you may recover. Many of our previous clients in Murfreesboro have received compensation for the following losses:

Medical Expenses

Your medical expenses include costs for hospital stays, surgeries, and doctor visits. They may also include prescription drugs, medical devices, and emergency transportation. We seek compensation both for your current costs and for those we expect you to incur in the future.

Lost Wages

If you have to miss work, you should receive compensation for the income you lost. Our team seeks compensation to cover all lost wages that are attributable to your injuries.

Reduced Earning Capacity

Sometimes with a severe injury, even when you return to work, your capacity to earn a living is not the same as before. You may be entitled to compensation for the difference between what you are earning and what you should be earning.

Pain and Suffering

We fight aggressively for compensation to pay you for both your physical and emotional pain from the accident. Our attorneys will negotiate with insurance companies to help determine how pain and suffering is calculated.

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