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Whether you are walking in a grocery store, a restaurant, or on a sidewalk in Nashville, something could cause you to lose your footing. It might be a broken sidewalk in need of repair, a loose step on a staircase, or a slippery liquid on the floor. Whatever the case may be, these can all easily become the causes of slip-and-fall accidents. In these situations, and many more, the common thread is someone’s negligence.

If you’ve experienced a personal injury in a slip-and-fall accident and it occurred because of someone else’s negligence, our Nashville personal injury lawyers can help. Let our experienced slip-and-fall attorneys get you the compensation you deserve.

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Slip and fall lawyers can help prove negligence

In slip-and-fall accidents, there are four key elements that are needed to determine negligence in a case of premises liability. Slip and fall lawyers with our firm can help you by establishing these four elements so that you may pursue a personal injury claim after being injured on someone else’s property.

We can help you prove:

  1. Duty of care – Property owners have a legal duty, known as the duty of care, to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of individuals on their premises.
  2. Breach of duty – It needs to be established that the property owner failed to fulfill their duty of care to avoid injuries on their property.
  3. Causation – There must be proof and a clear link between the accident and the property owner’s actions or inactions, to show that the breach of duty directly caused the accident.
  4. Damages – Evidence must be provided to show that the accident caused an injury or loss to the victim.


Having an experienced Nashville personal injury lawyer on your side can help put you in the best position possible to prove negligence and recover fair compensation for your injuries.

Examples of negligence in slip and fall cases

Some examples of negligence on someone’s property that injury lawyers can help prove include:

  • Wet or icy floors, broken stairs, uneven surfaces, or other dangerous conditions
  • Inadequate warnings, for example, if the property owner is aware of a hazardous condition but fails to provide adequate warnings, such as using signs or barriers
  • Insufficient Lighting
  • Spills and debris, such as food or oil in a restaurant
  • Negligent cleaning or maintenance
  • Unlevel floors
  • Bumpy or uneven sidewalk
  • Holes in the floor
  • Loose or broken steps
  • Missing or faulty handrail

It’s important to understand that each slip and fall case must be evaluated individually, and not all scenarios listed may be negligent in every context. Consulting with a personal injury attorney can help assess the unique details of your case and determine if you have a legal claim.

Damages a Nashville slip and fall lawyer can seek compensation for

When property owners fail to uphold their duty of care, and that failure results in an injury, victims can pursue damages. In a legal context, damages represent the financial compensation awarded to an individual for losses or injuries suffered as a result of another party’s wrongdoing or negligence. Often, in premises liability cases, compensatory damages, or damages that aim to compensate the injured party, can include economic damages and non-economic damages connected to the accident.

You may be able to receive compensation for the following damages

Economic damages

These are hard costs connected to your accident and injury. Typically, they will have a bill or receipt associated with them and reflect the financial losses a victim may endure. Economic damages that a personal injury lawyer can fight for include:

  • Medical bills and future medical expenses, including physical therapy
  • Property damage
  • Lost income and future lost wages
  • Funeral costs and wrongful death damages

Non-economic damages

Non-economic damages are damages that are more emotional or phycological in nature; therefore, placing a dollar amount on these types of damages is more subjective. Non-economic damages can include:

Who can be held liable after a slip and fall

Who may be responsible for the damages you’ve suffered from a slip and fall in Nashville can vary based on the circumstances. Parties that a Nashville personal injury lawyer may hold responsible include:

Property owners: The owner of the property where the slip and fall occurred may be held responsible for maintaining safe conditions. This includes residential property owners, commercial property owners, and public property owners.

Property managers: If the property is managed by a third party, such as a property management company, the property manager may share or solely bear responsibility for ensuring the premises are safe.

Business operators: In cases involving slips and falls in commercial establishments, the business operator or tenant leasing the space might be held liable for hazards within their control.

Government or Nashville city entities: If the slip and fall occurred on government-owned property, such as a public sidewalk or park in Nashville, government entities may be held responsible.

Maintenance Contractors: If a slip and fall is caused by the negligence of a maintenance or cleaning contractor hired by the property owner or occupier, that contractor may be held liable.

Others in Control of the Property: Parties in control of the property, even if they are not the legal owners, can be held liable. This may include tenants, lessees, or anyone responsible for maintenance and safety.

Determining liability for a premises liability accident should be left to experienced Nashville slip and fall lawyers who understand Tennessee laws surrounding Nashville personal injuries and liability share.

Common injuries slip and fall accident victims may experience

Although each accident and injury are unique, there are some common injuries that result from slip and fall accidents, many of which can be severe injuries. Frequently, the injuries that are addressed in premises liability cases include:

  • Bruises
  • Additionally, a wrongful death lawyer can assist in recovering substantial compensation from property owners and other negligent parties that may have played a part in your loved one’s passing.

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"Hughes and Coleman are the best attorney when it comes to injuries. They not only made sure that I was compensated, but they made sure that I received the best care for my injuries. The communication and customer service was great. I recommend them whole heartedly to anyone that is searching for an attorney."

Christie S. - Nashville, TN

"I would highly recommend Hughes & Coleman to any of my friends and family. I never thought I would need representation, but after my accident I quickly learned I did. They were very compassionate, understanding and informative throughout my case."

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"Hughes and Coleman is a great law firm to go to when you are involved in an accident and need legal representation. I would definitely recommend them to a friend or family member who needed a lawyer! They are attentive and helpful throughout the entire process."

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What to do after a slip and fall injury to help your personal injury claim

After a slip and fall due to a dangerous condition, it’s important that you take proper steps to support your claim. By following these steps, you will put yourself and your injury lawyers in the best position possible to recover maximum compensation on your behalf.

Seek medical attention: If you’ve suffered serious injuries, your priority should always be your health. Even if the injuries seem minor, visit a doctor so that your injuries can be documented.

Gather evidence: After a slip and fall due to dangerous conditions, it’s extremely important to document the incident. This documentation will serve as evidence to prove negligence.

  • Take as many photos or videos as possible of any hazards, such as a wet floor, uneven surfaces, or debris.
  • Don’t wash the clothes you fell in, and keep the shoes you were wearing in a protected area, especially if your slip and fall accident occurred in a restaurant where oil or other materials may have caused your fall. Our Nashville slip and fall attorneys can test these materials to help establish your legal claim.


Report the incident: If the fall happened on someone else’s property, report the incident to the property owner, manager, or whoever is responsible. Make sure to get a copy of the incident report.

Gather witness information: If anyone saw the slip and fall, get their name, phone number, or contact information. Their account of the events will be important to establish a successful a slip-and-fall claim.

Speak to an experienced Nashville slip and fall attorney: Contacting a Nashville personal injury lawyer as soon as possible will help ensure that your claim is handled properly and that you recover every dollar you deserve.

Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers helps Nashville slip and fall accident victims recover maximum compensation

After an injury from a slip-and-fall, your life may be significantly or even permanently altered. When an injury is caused by another person’s carelessness, the law makes avenues for you to receive the compensation you deserve. If you have been injured in a premises liability accident, we can provide you with the legal assistance you need.

Each Nashville slip and fall lawyer at our firm wants you to fully recover physically and financially after your accident. Our injury lawyers can help tie together the facts of your accident and the laws that pertain to slip and fall injuries in Tennessee.

The experienced personal injury attorneys in Nashville at Hughes & Coleman are determined to get justice for our clients in Tennessee. With our attorneys, our clients can rest assured that they will recover every dollar they’re entitled to.

Our victories and legal knowledge are the result of over 35 years of practicing law. Let us use our experience to help you through this difficult time.

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Frequently asked questions and helpful tips about slip and fall accidents

What is the statute of limitations for a Tennessee slip and fall claim?

For a Tennessee slip-and-fall injury, you have one year from the date of the fall to file an injury claim. If you miss this deadline, you will forfeit your right to pursue compensation. When seeking compensation for a slip-and-fall, it is important that you act quickly by contacting an experienced injury firm who can help establish your claim.

How long does a slip and fall lawsuit take?

Slip and fall claims, like other personal injuries, don’t have a set time period for how long they take. Each case is different, and fall victims often have varying degrees of injury. For example, some victims may have a serious injury that will require more time to heal than others. Some victims may discover that they will never fully recover from the fall.

To begin negotiations with the insurance company, your personal injury attorney will need to know the full extent of your damages. This may take time and will be different for everyone.

What is a slip and fall case worth?

What a slip and fall accident in a premises liability claim is worth depends on various factors, including the extent of your damages, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other elements that may impact the compensation you’re entitled to. The best way to understand your legal options is to speak with an experienced injury attorney.

How can Tennessee comparative negligence laws impact a slip and fall claim?

Tennessee’s modified comparative negligence rule can drastically impact the amount of compensation you are able to recover. In Tennessee, if you are found to be 50% or more at fault in the fall, you will not be able to recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Additionally, the compensation you are entitled to is reduced by the percentage that you are to be found at fault. For example, if it is determined that you were 20% at fault, and the damages you suffered were $10,000, you would only be entitled to pursue $8,000.

Personal injury lawyers aim to reduce the amount of fault victims hold in an accident to ensure that they recover the most money possible.

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