"Law allows us to bring into the light what others would hide in the dark."

Andrew finds fulfillment in his work each day. He enjoys being able to walk into his father’s office and share a cup of coffee with him as they work together to help injured victims. Aside from the happiness he gets from helping others, he most enjoys the time he spends with his wife and daughter.

Andrew’s childhood was shaped by the legal world. His mother, Joann Coleman, is a former District Court Judge, and his father, Lee Coleman, is a personal injury lawyer. Conversations around the house would often revolve around legal work and case facts – topics that didn’t interest Andrew much during adolescence. However, as he continued into adulthood, Andrew discovered that the legal industry was becoming more and more captivating.

Although increasingly intrigued by the practice of law, Andrew initially decided to embark on a path different from his parents and graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Accounting. At the end of his undergraduate experience, however, he realized he wouldn’t find fulfillment in an Accounting career. Therefore, Andrew changed course and enrolled in Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law. During his time at Chase, he participated in a mock hearing and found his passion for trial law. He also completed an internship for the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy. Through these experiences, he saw how his future in the legal industry could impact lives and create real change, which reinforced his desire to be a trial attorney.

Andrew graduated from law school in 2017, completed and passed the Kentucky Bar Examination, and then launched his career as a lawyer working at Hughes & Coleman. In his years as an attorney, he has witnessed the underhanded tactics insurance companies use to coerce injured victims into taking a lower settlement than they deserve. Far too often, the initial insurance offer barely accounts for the personal loss that a client currently feels, and it certainly doesn’t project or account for the additional loss they will have to manage for the remainder of their life.

Andrew knows the importance of digging deeper into a client’s story to understand the full scope of how an injury has impacted them. His beliefs are simple: if a mother who was once strong, independent, and able-bodied is now hurt and unable to lift her kids or enjoy life due to negligence, then she should be properly compensated for her injury. However, Andrew quickly realized that insurance companies don’t often look much further than surface-level when evaluating a client’s condition. An adjuster may only consider the mother’s ‘lower back pain’ at face value and offer a measly settlement without considering the lingering pain and trauma. While the insurance company may only see an injured victim as a computer-generated settlement amount, Andrew sees the mother and the impact an injury has on her life.

“Insurance companies look at the total of all of their claims and dish out low-ball settlements to make sure they can still run a profitable business,” said Andy, “we look at our clients and feel how they are suffering, then demand the highest value of compensation available from the insurance company. Although I wouldn’t accept any amount of money to not be able to pick up my daughter, the system in this country that provides justice to those injured due to someone else’s negligence is based around monetary compensation through a trial. We are committed to making sure that our clients get the maximum amount of compensation available to make up for what someone else took out of their life.”

Andrew understands that money cannot always fix everything; there are circumstances where no dollar amount can take away the pain or make things right. However, fair financial compensation can help put a victim’s life on a path of healing and free them from the financial burdens that typically accompany serious injuries.

Andrew is motivated each day by being part of a team with a goal to constantly push itself to do what is best for its clients. Being of service to others is the greatest pleasure in his life, tied only with being a husband and a father.

Oftentimes, the clients Andrew serves are experiencing some of the greatest challenges they’ve ever faced. These individuals are left to pick up the pieces and try to get back to the life they had prior to their wreck. He is thankful each day he gets to work at a firm that advocates for our clients and comforts those in vulnerable situations. Andrew hopes to see a day when insurance companies and other businesses stop treating individuals they hurt like a number or calculation and start treating them like they really are – human beings who deserve better.

In addition to his passion for helping injured victims, Andrew loves God and his family. He enjoys spending nights and weekends with his wife and daughter, as well as spending weekdays and weekends with his parents, brother, and extended family members. He is proud of the faith-filled life he lives and looks forward to helping injured individuals alongside the Hughes & Coleman team for many years to come.

  • Western Kentucky University, Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Northern Kentucky University, Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Juris Doctor
  • State Bar of Kentucky

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