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My personal highlight happens on a daily basis. I get to walk into my dad’s office, grab us both a cup of coffee, sit down and talk about what we can do to best help our clients. It might not sound like much but it means more to me than any award.

My mother was a District Court judge and my father was and still is a personal injury attorney. Growing up in a house full of attorneys created its own issues. All I heard growing up was legal speak and case facts. Neither of which was very exciting as a kid and I rebelled against being an attorney for a long time. I worked off and on for Hughes and Coleman since I was 16, but when I was in college I started to rethink what I wanted to do with my life. I started to look at being an attorney as a possible career choice.

I graduated Western Kentucky University with a degree in Accounting. At the end of that experience all I knew for sure was that I did not want to be an accountant, so I applied to Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law and was accepted. During my time at Chase, I participated in a mock hearing and was immediately drawn to being a trial attorney. I also did an internship for the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy. I got to see the benefits of giving back and it reinforced my desire to be a trial attorney. However, criminal law was not where my interest was.

After I graduated I took and passed the bar in Kentucky and began working for Hughes and Coleman shortly after. It is the greatest pleasure in my life to be of service to others. I am glad to be part of an organization that constantly pushes itself to do better work and train better attorneys. When this is the focus of a law firm the only possible consequence is better results for our clients. Our desire is to bring the best results possible for our clients. Both from getting them the treatment that they need to get better but also compensation for what they have been through because of no fault of their own.

Usually when I meet someone they are just trying to get back to where they were before a wreck. Many times it was one of the worst days of their life and just like any horrible event we do our best to pick up the pieces and get back to normal. I am grateful that I am in the business of getting justice for my clients.

  • Western Kentucky University, Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Northern Kentucky University, Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Juris Doctor
  • State Bar of Kentucky

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