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"Law allows us to bring into the light what others would hide in the dark."

Andrew finds joy in his work each day he’s able to walk into his father’s office and share a cup of coffee with him as they work together to help injured victims. Aside from the happiness he gets from helping others, he most enjoys the time he spends with his wife and daughter.

Andrew’s childhood was shaped by the legal world. His mother (a former District Court Judge) and father (a personal injury lawyer) would often have discussions revolving around legal work and case facts. While he didn’t find these conversations appealing during adolescence, Andrew discovered that the legal industry became more and more captivating with age.

Although increasingly intrigued by legalese, Andrew decided to embark on another path and graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Accounting. However, at the end of his undergraduate experience, he realized he wouldn’t find fulfillment as an accountant and proceeded to attend Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law. During his time at Chase, he participated in a mock hearing and was immediately intrigued by the idea of becoming a trial attorney. He also completed an internship for the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy. It was through those experiences that he was able to see the benefits of giving back through legal work, and it reinforced his desire to be a trial attorney.

Following graduation, Andrew passed the Kentucky Bar Examination and launched his career as an attorney working at Hughes & Coleman. He is motivated each day by being part of a team with a goal to constantly push itself to do the best for its clients. Being of service to others is the greatest pleasure in his life, tied only with being a husband and a father.

Oftentimes, the clients Andrew serves are experiencing some of the greatest challenges they’ve ever faced. These individuals are left to pick up the pieces and try to get back to the life they had prior to their wreck. He finds deep gratitude in his ability to assist individuals put in a vulnerable situation at no fault of their own.

  • Western Kentucky University, Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Northern Kentucky University, Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Juris Doctor
  • State Bar of Kentucky

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