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When you’ve suffered a personal injury, stress and anxiety can compound quickly. Between recovering from your physical injuries, dealing with a loss of work and sorting through the emotional trauma, the last thing you need is to worry about how to pay rapidly mounting bills. The personal injury team at the Hughes & Coleman Lexington office want to help you receive compensation for your injuries so that you can focus on getting back on your feet. Consultation with our team is free and if you decide to pursue a claim, you wont have to pay a penny unless we settle or win your case.

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They represent you and pursue every possible legal channel to recover money to compensate for harm that has come to you. Our Lexington lawyers are backed by experience and a fantastic legal team that knows how to fight for your right to recovery.

A personal injury lawyer can use tort law, an area that deals with the civil aspects of violations of a victims’ rights. From a legal standpoint, situations in which one suffers an injury that was not entirely their own fault is a violation of one’s right to safety.

Our personal injury lawyers will research and organize information and documents in such a way to build a strong case for you. This information could include medical documents, police reports, witness statements, photographs, and more. Damages permitted under tort law will often compensate for things like medical expenses, property damage, lost time from work, physical or mental pain and suffering, and other related damages.

Auto accidents are by far the most common incidents that result in personal injury lawsuits. There are millions of car accidents in the United States every year that result in injury to a person, damage to property and even death. These accidents usually occur because someone was acting in violation of the law.

Interstates 64 and 75 both pass through Lexington and can be extremely dangerous. In fact, according to a 2013 report, there were nearly 3,000 collisions on Interstate 75 in Kentucky and another roughly 2,000 collisions on Interstate 64. With statistics like these, it is easy to see why personal injury cases involving auto accidents are so common.

Hughes & Coleman has successfully represented many of these accident cases both in and out of court.

Yes. Slip and fall is another common practice area of personal injury law. Injuries caused by slip and fall accidents are often just as severe as injuries caused by car accidents, particularly for older individuals. Even though establishing fault is not as straightforward as it may be in an auto accident, property owners have certain responsibilities to ensure that guests and customers on their property are safe. Our Lexington personal injury team is familiar with the legal requirements to prove a slip and fall claim and may be able to build a case for you.

Medical malpractice is considered a subset of personal injury related law, however, proving a medical malpractice claim can be very complicated. It is a good idea to use a personal injury lawyer who has specific experience with medical malpractice claims. Building a medical malpractice case may require extensive knowledge of medical procedures and medical practice. A medical malpractice attorney may also need to call on the testimony of doctors who can testify to standard procedure and show that what happened in the case was a deviation from that standard of care.

The Hughes & Coleman personal injury team in Lexington has extensive experience with medical malpractice cases. We are proud to offer medical malpractice legal services to our clients who may have been injured by a doctor or other medical professional, medical device, or defective drug.

The cost for using the services of a personal injury attorney vary. The attorneys at Hughes & Coleman offer their services on a contingency fee basis. That means that victims do not pay any fees up front. Our team will only take a percentage of the damages if we win or settle your case. In these types of arrangements, the lawyer often does not get paid if the victim does not win his or her case.

This fee arrangement opens up legal services to individuals who are struggling with medical bills, the inability to work and lack of funds to pay an attorney up front. At Hughes & Coleman, we understand that this may be a difficult time in your life, and we want to help. Call today for a free consultation.


“I was so frustrated when I was denied. Then a friend told me to call Hughes and Coleman and they got me my benefits.” – Lauren

Our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping injured victims get the care and justice they deserve. Visit us at any of our centrally located offices, serving the great residents of Kentucky and Tennessee.

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Our team of Kentucky personal injury lawyers has extensive experience helping clients with a broad range of personal injury law areas, including – but not limited to – the following:

For a full list of the types of cases we represent and to learn more about your legal rights, refer to our Practice Areas or call us today to speak to an attorney for free at (859) 300-8094.

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