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Defective Drug Attorneys in KY and TN

Pharmaceutical drugs are designed to help people who are suffering from illness or injury. New drugs are constantly entering the market place, and they do not always produce the results they are intended to create.

The pharmaceutical industry is a highly competitive industry, and the focus of the drug manufacturers is to bring new drugs to the market faster than the competition. As a result, many times the health risk associated with these drugs is hidden or downplayed from the public. First, the FDA requires a stricter warning label, and months, or even years later, the drug is pulled off the shelf, but not before individuals that have taken the drug are seriously injured or killed.

Far too many drugs have caused devastating side effects. The 10 most common side effects are amnesia, cardiac arrhythmias, stroke, kidney failure, suicide, anxiety, memory, liver toxicity, pulmonary hypertension and digestive issues.

Follow the links below for more information about specific drug recalls and injuries, and if you’ve experienced injuries, contact Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers today.

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Do not stop taking a prescribed medication without first consulting your doctor.  Discontinuing a prescribed medication without your doctor’s advice can result in injury or death.

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