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Auto accidents can be extremely frightening and confusing. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured, getting the medical help you need is the first priority. Serious injuries can have long-term consequences that you may not realize at the time of the accident, or even in the days or weeks following the auto accident. In fact, you may not realize the long-term effects of your injuries until years down the road.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, the most dangerous stretch of road in the city is East New Circle Road between Palumbo Drive and Woodhill Drive — just a few miles down the road from our office. While the city is doing its best to make these intersections safer, as with the makeover at the intersection of Loudon and Bryan avenues, accidents still occur, and they often put a lot on your plate.

From tending to physical injuries to dealing with the insurance company, the process is often quite stressful. Our Lexington car accident legal team at Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers can help. We fight for the rights of accident victims, helping them recover the compensation they deserve. Our office is conveniently located on E. New Circle Road at the corner of Golden Way (next to Golden Corral). We offer a free consultation to discuss your accident and go over your legal options.

To schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers today, call us at 800-800-4600.

Kentucky Car Accident Laws You Need to Know

No-Fault Laws

Kentucky is a “no-fault” state for car accidents. That means that you first turn to your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage to obtain compensation for your injuries and lost wages. To file a claim against another driver, you must meet Kentucky’s injury threshold. To step outside the no-fault system, you must establish you suffered:

  • More than $1,000 in medical bills
  • A broken bone
  • Permanent injury or disfigurement

You can also step outside the no-fault system if your loved one died from his or her accident-related injuries.

This threshold seems straightforward, but it can be difficult to establish. We will examine your medical bills and records to help prove you have the right to file a claim against the negligent driver.

Comparative Negligence Laws

Kentucky follows a pure comparative negligence law for car accidents. That means you can collect compensation from the other driver even if you were partly at fault for the crash. In fact, even if the wreck was mostly your fault, you can still pursue the other driver for damages as long as they shoulder a portion of the blame. It is important to note that your percentage of fault decreases the damages to which you are entitled.

Consider the following scenario:

  • You were involved in an accident when you turned left at North Broadway and West New Circle.
  • You collided with a vehicle going straight through the intersection.
  • An investigation of the collision determined you were 80 percent at fault and the other driver was 20 percent at fault.

If you demanded $10,000 for your injuries, you would be entitled to $2,000 (20 percent of $10,000).

Our attorneys will fight for your rights no matter your share of fault for the accident. We will defend against any accusations of fault and work to get you the most compensation possible in your situation.

Before Agreeing to Talk to the Insurance Company, Talk to Us First

Within a few days of your car accident, you will likely receive a call from either your or the other driver’s insurance company. Often, the adjuster will frame this as a courtesy call, in which the insurance rep checks to see how you are doing after the accident and asks basic questions about how the accident happened, how severely you were injured, and what other damages occurred.

You should be very careful with how you handle this conversation. Ideally, you should not accept an insurance company call until you have spoken with an attorney. A carelessly worded statement to an insurance company rep can end up undermining your claim.

If you decide to work with our Hughes & Coleman car accident team, our attorneys will take over all insurance company communications. With 100+ years of experience, we know the tactics insurers use. We know how to approach these conversations in a way that gives our clients the upper hand.


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Our Dedicated Support Staff Helps You Get Your Life Back After a Lexington Car Accident

Having dedicated our careers to fighting for the rights of car accident victims, our team understands what a stressful time this is. While our attorneys are hard at work taking on the insurance company and pursuing the other driver for the compensation you deserve, our dedicated, compassionate support staff is here to help you with any challenges, questions, or concerns that come up.

We Are Available 24/7 for Our Clients

If you have questions about your case, need help with paperwork, or just want a status update, our staff is never more than a phone call or email away. We are always happy to hear from you and to help with any issue you are having. The Hughes & Coleman team treats you like family and takes the outcome of your case as seriously as you do.

When you come in for a free consultation and case evaluation we willyou’re your mind at ease by answering all of your questions and offering expert legal advice. Before you move forward with us, we want you to feel comfortable that your case is in good hands and that no one will work harder to get you what you deserve.

The Hughes & Coleman Team Fights for the Fair Compensation You Deserve

When you work with a lawyer from Hughes & Coleman, you can be confident that you have someone in your corner who will fight for everything you deserve. At your initial consultation, we will go over the details of your accident and your injuries and determine the damages for which you are eligible to receive compensation. Many of our clients have received payment for some or all the following:

Medical Bills

After a car accident with severe injuries, you could be facing extensive medical bills, including surgeries, doctor copays, hospital stays, medication, and more. Our attorneys seek compensation not just for your current costs but also for those we anticipate you may incur in the future.

Lost Wages

We seek compensation for the income you are unable to earn at work while you recover from your injuries.

Reduced Future Earnings

If your injuries caused you to retire or work fewer hours than you did before the accident, we can pursue the other driver for compensation to cover your reduced earning capacity.

Pain and Suffering

You might also be eligible to collect compensation for noneconomic losses, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

To Schedule a Free Case Evaluation With a Lexington Car Accident Lawyer, Call Hughes & Coleman at 800-800-4600

The Hughes & Coleman team fights for your rights and the compensation you deserve. If you were injured in a car accident, no matter the circumstances, do not wait another day to call us. We want to help you. Call us today at 800-800-4600.

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