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  • Fireworks


    July 01 2021 | Blog | No comment

    The Fourth of July is a celebration of freedom, family, friends. It is also, by one measure, the most dangerous […]

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  • Can You Be Liable for Crimes Committed by Third Persons? The Basics of Negligent Security

    September 08 2020 | Blog | No comment

    If you are the victim of a crime that occurred on a residential or commercial property but the criminal has […]

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  • Contractor’s Injuries – Can a Homeowner Be Liable?

    September 01 2020 | Blog | No comment

    If a construction worker employed by a licensed business sustains injuries while working on a home renovation or remodeling project, […]

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  • Why You Should Injury-Proof Your Business — And How to Do So

    August 25 2020 | Blog | No comment

    Read this blog to learn what a business owner can do to protect customers from harm on his or her […]

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  • What to Do If You Become Injured at a Hotel

    August 18 2020 | Blog | No comment

    Hotel owners have a legal duty to protect guests from preventable accidents. Read this article to learn which circumstances enable […]

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  • Bicycle Safety Reminders

    August 11 2020 | Blog | No comment

    Bicycles are a great source of enjoyment and an environmentally friendly alternative to cars. Read this blog to discover simple […]

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  • Coronavirus Series: Life in the Time of Social Distancing–How to Stay Happy, Healthy, and Productive

    July 22 2020 | Blog | No comment

    In this final article of our 4-part coronavirus coverage series, we provide a concise summary of expert advice that will […]

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  • Roundup® Lawsuits Update

    July 08 2020 | Blog | No comment

    As Bayer® is aggressively pushing for a settlement deal to end future Roundup® lawsuits, there may not be much time […]

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  • What is Bad Faith of the Insurer

    July 01 2020 | Blog | No comment

    Is your insurance company uncooperative or unreasonable? Rather than a mere inconvenience, it may be a sign that your insurer […]

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  • Coronavirus Series: How Will the Pandemic Affect My Claim? – Part II

    June 24 2020 | Blog | No comment

    All of us have been affected by the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus. In this series of articles, we […]

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