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Every day in Bowling Green, you may likely use either a complex machine or a simple everyday product. You expect these products to function as intended. Nonetheless, each year, thousands of consumers are injured by dangerous or defective products.

Certain government agencies thus exist to enforce product safety standards. Despite their best efforts, though, defective products are still produced. Have you been injured by dangerous or defective products? If you have, an attorney at our Bowling Green office can help you receive compensation for your defective product injury.

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Product Liability Cases Hughes & Coleman Handle in Bowling Green

Product liability laws in Kentucky can seem complex and daunting. An attorney at Hughes & Coleman serving the people of Bowling Green, Kentucky, can provide you with legal assistance. We are knowledgeable about various types of product liability cases. 

The following are among the most common examples of product liability cases:

  • Defect within the product design – When a flaw exists in the product design, the whole line of the product or model may be defective. A defective product design can result in a recall of the entire production line.
  • A defect with the manufacturing process of the product – Rather than the design being defective, an error can occur in the production of the product. This can result in a specific product or many being produced defectively.
  • A defect in product marketing – Products usually come with instructions and labeling. This information needs to correctly explain to the consumer how to use the product and its maintenance. Labels, instructions, and necessary information that is incomplete or inaccurate is negligence.

The personal injury lawyers at Hughes & Coleman want to aid our clients who have sustained injuries due to defective or unsafe products. In addition, we realize it is important to the safety of all consumers that manufacturers remove products or redesign safe versions.

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Why Hiring a Product Liability Lawyer is Important

It can be difficult to make headway in a defective product case. The law can be perplexing, and proving who is liable can be extremely challenging. The responsible parties and their insurance companies may fight aggressively to defend themselves.

An attorney can assist in dealing with the resistant, negligent accountable parties and insurance companies so that you don’t have to worry too much nor spend your valuable time. Your lawyer can develop your case and prove who is responsible. Here’s how.


Handling resistant accountable parties

Product liability litigation can be problematic and mentally taxing. Much is required to establish that a manufacturer produced a defective product that caused injury to a person. To prove guilt requires the accumulation and presentation of evidence.

Unfortunately, it is not beyond the possibility that manufacturers may try to conceal or alter evidence that can confirm their failure. They may use their legal teams and insurance companies to resist and oppose a victim’s efforts to determine liability.

The product liability attorneys with Hughes & Coleman have experience and skill at dealing with obstinate legal teams and insurance companies. Their efforts will not overwhelm us nor diminish our determination. We can ascertain who is at the root of the problem in a product liability case and confront them accordingly.


Dealing with other negligent responsible parties

At times, it is neither malicious intent nor unbridled greed that produces a product that is dangerous and causes injury. Inattention, forgetfulness, or lack of testing could result in a dangerous feature being overlooked.

It might be that after extensive testing by both the manufacturer and government agencies, a defect or design flaw continues unnoticed. Only after thousands of products have been purchased and used by consumers may a defect become apparent.

A company and manufacturer may genuinely want to help those who have been hurt by their defective product. However, manufacturers are not in the habit of simply believing the claims of an injured person. This is because, realistically, they do not want to be taken advantage of; thus, they must adhere to a complicated process.


Proving defective product liability

Establishing liability in a defective product case is not easy. For a case to be successful, the following must be proven:

  1. That you or a family member was injured by a defective or unsafe product
  2. That the product is truly defective and was manufactured or labeled incorrectly
  3. That the injuries are in fact connected to the product’s defect or incorrect label, etc.
  4. That the product was being used as intended when it caused the injury

Legal assistance from a product liability attorney can help you overcome these obstacles. It can give you the greatest chance of success in receiving compensation for your injuries. What’s more, having an experienced attorney on your side can give you confidence and peace of mind.

Hughes & Coleman Helps the Injured Victims of Bowling Green

Products liability cases caused by negligence are not rare. Yet, your situation and needs are distinctive. Our team at Hughes & Coleman understands this. We know how to connect our client’s specific situation to the laws of product liability. 

Our law firm of Hughes & Coleman in Bowling Green is comprised of personal injury attorneys with years of experience. We can use our understanding and wisdom on behalf of your case. Our valuable insight can be the catalyst that gets you the compensation you need.

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