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Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits were meant to provide financial support to those who can no longer work due to becoming disabled. However, applying for benefits can be quite confusing and challenging. If there are errors made on the application, this can lead to delays or your application being denied. You do not have to encounter the Social Security Administration (SSA) by yourself – with Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers on your side, we can help you get the benefits you are owed.

Our Clarksville, TN, Social Security Disability lawyers have the knowledge and experience it takes to file an SSD claim successfully. If you are applying for SSD benefits or need help preparing an appeal, we can help. Contact our law office today and speak to our friendly legal team which can help you get the representation you deserve.

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Types of Social Security Disability Benefits in Clarksville

There are many different forms of government-paid benefits for those who are disabled.

These benefits include the following.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance is also referred to as SSD or SSDI. SSD benefits are the most collected benefits for disabled workers. To collect SSD, one must have worked for at least 5 years out of the previous 10 years. Any dependents, including children and spouses, may be eligible for SSD benefits as well.

Disabled adult child benefits

Disabled adult child benefits are also referred to as DAC. DAC benefits are available for adult children, ages 18 to 22, whose parents either receive SSD benefits, receive Social Security Retirement benefits, or are deceased.

Disabled widow/widower benefits

Disabled widow/widower benefits are also referred to as DWB. DWB benefits are available to those ages 50 and older and have lost their spouse of at least 10 years. The spouse’s loss must have occurred within the last seven years and who have developed a disability.

Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income is also referred to as SSI. SSI benefits are available to United States citizens who are disabled, blind, or over 65 and live off limited income and resources.

Filing for any form of benefits can be confusing and complicated. Thus, it is best always to have legal help on your side. An attorney can help ensure all legal paperwork is filled out correctly and thus minimize the chances of your claim being denied.

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Requirements for SSD in Clarksville, TN

There are specific requirements you must meet to qualify for SSD benefits. The SSA will consider you to be disabled if you meet the following criteria:

  • Inability to do the work you did prior
  • Inability to adjust to other work because of medical reasons
  • Disabled or expected to be disabled for at least 1 year, or your disability will result in death


However, in some cases, family members, including unmarried children and spouses, can be eligible to receive benefits. To find out what you can get, contact a Clarksville, TN, attorney today at 800-800-4600.

Who is Eligible for Social Security Benefits?

Being eligible for benefits can depend on a few things. Below is a list of some factors that may prove your eligibility for benefits:

  • If you are currently working
  • Severity of the disability
  • If the disability is included in the SSA’s list of disabling conditions
  • If you can perform the same work before the disability
  • If you can perform any other work

Also, you must pass the two SSA eligibility tests, which include:

  • The “recent” work test This will assess your eligibility for disability benefits based on the age you became disabled
  • The “duration of work” test This will help determine if you have worked long enough to receive benefits


Clarksville Social Security disability lawyers can help review your work status and medical history to determine if you are eligible for benefits. Contact a Clarksville disability lawyer today at 800-800-4600.

Reasons SSD Claims Get Denied

In the state of Tennessee, it is not uncommon to see an SSD application be denied. The Social Security Administration could deny your claim for several reasons, including:

  • Income and resources fall below what the SSA believes is a Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA). SGA limits can vary depending on the disability and can change each year.
  • Not following prescribed therapy treatment. If your doctor prescribes treatment and you fail to follow these orders, the SSA could deny your claim.
  • Long expected recovery time. Benefits are for those with disabilities lasting longer than a year or a disability that results in death. The SSA could deny a claim if you are expected to recover from the disability within weeks or months.


If you have filed for benefits and your claim has been denied, do not give up. Some claims are successful in Tennessee and around the United States. Our job at Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers is to appeal your case and get you the benefits you deserve. Contact an experienced Social Security Disability attorney today, and we will fight your claim.

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