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Benicar® Drug Lawsuits

Nearly 11 million patients are prescribed Benicar® (olmesartan) each year to treat high blood pressure. Many of these patients find themselves suffering more than they were before starting the medication. Some patients experience severe gastrointestinal problems which could be due to a condition called sprue-like enteropathy. If this is the case, they might qualify for damages from the creators of Benicar by filing a lawsuit.

What is Benicar®?

Benicar® (olmesartan) is used to treat high blood pressure. The drug is extremely popular—it is one of the 100 largest selling medications in the United States.

In 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a drug safety warning which warned that Benicar® and other drugs that contain olmesartan carry a serious risk of intestinal problems, including conditions known as sprue-like enteropathy and villous atrophy. A 2012 Mayo Clinic study first linked these diseases to Benicar® after patients were diagnosed with celiac disease but did not improve after changing to a gluten-free diet. Many of these patients had severe gastrointestinal problems and had to be hospitalized. Once these patients stopped taking Benicar®, their symptoms subsided.

These conditions, along with their relation to Benicar® usage, can go undetected for long periods of time. Doctors often misdiagnose these diseases as symptoms of celiac disease, since the symptoms are similar. It can be difficult to connect symptoms with Benicar® because patients might not notice the symptoms until several months or even years after starting Benicar®.

 Sprue-like enteropathy is a gastrointestinal disease that causes severe stomach pain and chronic diarrhea. These symptoms can also lead to considerable weight loss. If you are taking Benicar® and are experiencing any of these symptoms, then your Benicar® usage may have caused sprue-like enteropathy.

Villous atrophy is a condition that is commonly associated with celiac disease, but can also be caused by taking Benicar®. This condition causes a deterioration of the intestines, making it difficult or impossible for nutrients to be absorbed. Symptoms may include substantial weight loss, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, malnutrition, or nausea and vomiting.

If you’re taking Benicar or another medication that contains olmesartan (Benicar HCT, Azor, or Tribenzor) and have experienced any of these symptoms, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit and receive compensation for your injuries. These symptoms should not be ignored. Many patients who experience these diseases need to be hospitalized. To speak with one of our team members about your case at no cost to you, call or fill out a case evaluation form today.

In 2015, a mass tort lawsuit was filed against Benicar® manufacturer Daiichi Sankyo on behalf of thousands of people who experienced gastrointestinal problems after taking Benicar®. Unlike a class action lawsuit, patients who file in a mass tort suit can have an individual lawsuit. This means that individuals with serious injuries and side effects can receive more compensation.

Our attorneys are here to help you with your claim today. By filing a lawsuit, you may be eligible for medical costs, lost earnings, and even additional punitive damages, which are awarded to punish a defendant and keep similar behavior from happening again.

 Hughes & Coleman works on a contingency basis when pursuing your drug injury claim, meaning your attorney only gets paid if they win your case or settle. If your case is lost, you pay nothing—it’s that simple. If the thought of not being able to pay a lawyer is keeping you from seeking legal help, wait no longer and schedule a free consultation today. The sooner you talk to one of our team members, the sooner we can help you seek compensation from the side effects that you suffered.

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If you are suffering from gastrointestinal problems after taking Benicar®, recovering should be your only concern. Don’t try to fight a drug injury lawsuit alone. The lawyers at Hughes & Coleman are standing by to help you win your lawsuit and get the damages that you deserve. Pursuing a lawsuit against a large corporation can be extremely intimidating if you have never done so before. Our attorneys have experience fighting large pharmaceutical companies, and will work with you every step of the way.

If you or someone you know has suffered severe side effects from taking Benicar®, call or fill out a case evaluation form online as soon as you can. Our team can evaluate the unique circumstances of your case, free of charge, so there’s nothing to lose.

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