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Depakote® Drug Related Injury Lawyers

If you suffer from seizures, bipolar disorder, or migraines, then you might have been prescribed Depakote® to help treat your symptoms. The side effects of Depakote®, however, can be even more traumatic than the conditions the drug is intended to treat—especially if you are a woman who took the drug during your pregnancy and gave birth to a child with severe birth defects.

What is Depakote®?

Depakote® (divalproex sodium) is an oral medication used to treat seizures, bipolar disorder, and migraines. The drug works by increasing neurotransmitters in the brain that soothes overactive nerves in the brain and stabilizes the user’s mood.

Depakote® has been linked to serious birth defects when consumed during pregnancy.

What is Spina Bifida?

Spina bifida is a type of birth defect known as a neural tube defect. Spina bifida happens when the neural tube of the spinal cord doesn’t close all the way or doesn’t form properly. This causes defects in the spinal cord and vertebrae. Treatment of spina bifida often requires surgery, and doesn’t always fix the problem. Babies who suffer from spina bifida can experience muscle weakness in the legs, which can sometimes lead to paralysis. Other problems that your child might experience as a result of spina bifida include scoliosis (a curved spine), foot problems, and bowel or urinary problems problems.

What is a Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate?

A cleft lip is a condition where a baby’s lip does not form correctly, or does not completely form. Babies who are born with a cleft lip will have a lip that does not close all the way. A cleft palate occurs when the roof of the mouth does not form completely. Luckily for children who are born with a cleft lip or palate, surgery is usually successful in correcting the problem.

What Other Birth Defects Might Occur?

Other birth defects that can happen to your child when taking Depakote® during pregnancy can include:

  • Decreased IQ in comparison to children who were not exposed to Depakote® in utero
  • Atrial septal defects, or a hole in the heart where the heart did not form correctly
  • Polydactyly (extra fingers and/or toes)

The best way to see if you have a potential claim is to tell us about the specifics of your case, including complications of childbirth and your child’s specific birth defects. An attorney will be able to assess your individual situation and determine whether you have a solid foundation for a claim against the manufacturer of Depakote®. To speak to a team member  today, call or fill out a case evaluation at no charge.

If you took Depakote® during pregnancy and your child experienced birth defects, you may be entitled to damages, including:

  • Hospital bills (for delivery, costs incurred directly after birth, and costs that will add up in the future if the birth defect was severe)
  • Costs of rehabilitation, long-term medical care, medical equipment, and prescription medication
  • Wages that you lost because of an inability to work due to taking care of your child
  • Pain and suffering that your child experienced during and after birth
  • Emotional distress caused by your child’s disabilities
  • In some cases, extra punitive damages, meant to punish the drug manufacturer and keep similar conduct from happening again

If financial worries have kept you from contacting an attorney to seek compensation for your child’s birth injuries, don’t wait any longer to speak to a lawyer today. The attorneys at Hughes & Coleman work on a contingency fee basis when fighting birth defect cases. This means that your attorney will only get paid if he or she wins your case. If you lose your case, you don’t owe your lawyer a dime—it’s that simple. There are no down payments, hourly rates, or financial risks for you to bear. To speak with an attorney today, call or fill out a free case evaluation form as soon as possible. One of our attorneys will contact you and discuss the specifics of your case in order to figure out how to best serve you.

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If your child was born with birth defects following your Depakote® usage, don’t wait any longer to file a case. Let one of the attorneys at Hughes & Coleman take on your case and take the weight off of your shoulders so that you can focus on taking care of your child. Filing a birth defect case can be extremely complicated, and you will be fighting against a huge corporation. Don’t feel like you need to fight this alone.

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Do not stop taking a prescribed medication without first consulting your doctor.  Discontinuing a prescribed medication without your doctor’s advice can result in injury or death.

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