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Founding Partner Mr. Hughes Honored with Lawyers of Distinction Award

December 07 2016 | Blog, News
  • We are very proud to announce that one of our founding partners, Mr. J. Marshall Hughes, was the recipient of the Lawyers of Distinction award, certifying him as a distinguished member of the nationwide group. This honor is bestowed upon the top 10 percent of attorneys operating in the U.S. and is granted only through consistently high recommendations of peers.

    It is also just the latest accolade for the Hughes & Coleman team of award winning attorneys in Bowling Green.

    Upon receiving his award, Mr. Hughes proclaimed: “I am extremely grateful to be recognized by my peers in the legal profession and this outstanding organization.”


    About the Lawyers of Distinction Award and Membership

    Like its name implies, the Lawyers of Distinction organization was established to allow lawyers who maintain consistently high levels of professional quality a chance at standing out among their peers.

    Membership is maintained exclusively by fellow members of the legal profession. This peer recognition makes the award not just confirmation for outstanding service to clients but also for a stellar reputation among colleagues, a long history of experience, a prestigious list of qualifications and a lack of disciplinary action taken against the member throughout their career.

    Moreover, very few people are admitted to the organization every year, keeping to their promise to only recognize the top 10 percent of lawyers nationwide.

    Why Our Partner Mr. Hughes Was Recognized

    The Lawyers of Distinction organization admitted Mr. Hughes into their ranks in recognition of his 50 year history of practicing law. They also recognize Mr. Hughes’ achievements in establishing Hughes & Coleman, a distinguished partnership of personal injury attorneys operating across a multi-state practice area.

    Combined, the Hughes & Coleman legal team has decades of professional legal experience at both the state and district levels.

    Mr. Hughes was also certified as a Lawyer of Distinction for his role in co-founding M&L Legal Marketing and Management. This organization provides training for personal injury lawyers in order to help them improve their marketing and management skills. It has over 100 member lawyers from almost every U.S. state, and it pledges to help them increase profitability, attract higher volumes of leads and build a network of professional resources.

    Through both of these endeavors, Mr. Hughes has achieved the high level of professional service by way of accomplishments and conduct, enabling him to qualify for membership in the prestigious Lawyers of Distinction organization. His reputation for dedicating himself to clients and the betterment of the professional community indicates why he now stands among the top 10 percent of lawyers in the nation.

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