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Gallatin, TN, is known for its high-paying jobs and low taxes alongside a thriving retail industry and arts community. These factors make Sumner County “a hub for family life,” especially since we all tend to enjoy life when we have a sense of economic security and good health.

Yet, unexpected events can intrude on happiness. Defective products are responsible for hundreds of thousands of injuries per year. Dangerous items might cause countless injuries and even death before being recalled.

Has a defective product has damaged your health or that of a family member? Hughes & Coleman can help you find legal remedies to alleviate your pain. Our law firm will evaluate your product liability case for free and inform you of your options.

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What You Need to Know About Product Liability

When someone buys a product, he or she assumes that the product will serve its intended purpose. Usually, a product that does not work well is only a minor inconvenience. A person might continue to use it despite its poor performance or return the product to get a refund.

You have legal options after an accident because a product should be safe before you buy it. First, once the product is designed and manufactured, it is sent to a store or posted online. It only reaches the hands of a consumer like you after many safety checks.

A lawyer relies on product liability law to protect consumers from defects in:


  • Design: When designing something, creators have to think about the consumers. They check for potential dangers and are likely to provide instructions about how to use the device with minimal risk. If designers do not fulfill their duties, a personal injury lawyer can pursue compensation for accident victims.


  • Manufacturing: Goods should be complete and in working order before businesses sell them. Certain errors in this process could make the products hazardous. Manufacturers often perform quality control checks to ensure items meet production standards. Failing to do so might put the public at risk. Manufacturers are thus responsible for the consequences of defective products that they should have prevented from being sold.


  • Marketing: Marketers must include clear instructions with their products. When designing packaging, they must inform consumers of the risk of injury. (Items with major risk factors should not be sold. Instead, distributors should consider sending the defective items back to the manufacturer or designer for modifications.)


Our team of experienced product liability lawyers will examine the chain of distribution to determine what went wrong. We will help you identify responsible parties and recover damages for the injury that you suffered. Visit our law firm for a free products liability consultation at 126 W. Eastland Ave, Gallatin, TN, 37066, or call us anytime at (615) 502-4509.

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How to Maximize Your Compensation for Tennessee Defective Product Liability Claims

Under Tennessee law, lawyers may be able to recover 3 types of damages if your claim is successful:

  • Economic: To reimburse medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and similar monetary losses
  • Non-economic: For the physical and emotional pain and suffering you experienced as a result of the malfunctioning item
  • Punitive damages: Courts impose these fines when the responsibilities are grossly negligent; the intent is to punish the wrongdoer and discourage similar behavior from others

American juries awarded an average of $7,676,720 for defective products liability lawsuits in 2019. Large settlements bring financial relief to victims. Yet, they are costly for insurers, manufacturers, and retailers. After all, many of these parties often focus on profits rather than people.

To make sure you are treated fairly, fill out our brief contact form to tell one of our experienced injury lawyers about your case. If you have an eligible claim, our capable lawyers can help you meet requirements to maximize your compensation, such as:


  • Evidence: The product that injured you is part of the evidence you will need to support your claim. Save the defective items with the original packaging and sales receipts if you have them. Do not use the product again or take it apart to understand what is wrong with it. You might also need to provide documentation from doctors. A lawyer can help you collect what you need to support your claim.


  • Deadlines: You must complete your insurance paperwork and submit evidence promptly. Remember, insurers are for-profit organizations. Late or missing documents could delay your claim or even trigger a rejection letter.


Tennessee sets a limit for recovering compensation that you deserve for defective products. Please share your name, email, phone number, and a brief description of your problem using our simple contact form. During your free consultation, our attorneys can evaluate your case and discuss your legal options.

What to Do If You Lost a Loved One Due to a Defective Products Liability Accident

Preventable deaths might be more challenging to cope with than others. You can be confident that our compassionate injury attorneys are sensitive to your needs and emotions during this difficult time.

You can pursue damages for funeral and burial expenses as well as the loss of benefits, such as health insurance or retirement funds. Other wrongful death damages depend on your relationship with the deceased and his or her role in your family’s finances.

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