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Although falls are preventable, some 800,000 people visit the hospital for the treatment of fall-related injuries every year nationwide. Are you one of this number? If you have sustained serious injuries from a slip-and-fall incident in Lexington, you may be able to seek compensation.

You may have a strong case if the fall was caused by another person’s negligence or carelessness. Every property owner is required to keep his or her premises reasonably safe for guests or visitors. If people sustain any form of personal injury because someone was careless, then the injured person has every right to file a premises liability claim or lawsuit.

To successfully file a claim, you will need the help of a reliable and experienced Lexington slip and fall attorney. Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers has what you need. Our legal team includes qualified Lexington slip and fall attorneys who can help you secure the settlement you deserve.

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Why You Should Consult With a Slip-and-Fall Accident Lawyer in Lexington

When it comes to premises liability cases involving slip and fall injuries, you need an attorney who completely understands the processes required to help you recover damages, which may include lost income, medical bills, pain and suffering, and non-economic damages.

Perhaps you didn’t know that you can file for several types of damages. An experienced slip and fall attorney, though, can tell you what you qualify for and will help you file as many claims or lawsuits as needed. This is why you need an attorney to handle the claims process for you.

Your attorney will take care of your claim while you can focus on recovering from your injuries. After all, no one deserves to worry about where to get the money for treatment when someone else is responsible for the injury. 

At Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers, we know all too well the struggles that people have when property owners fail to provide a reasonably safe environment on their properties.

Seeing this struggle during the course of our attorney-client relationship with you will drive us to get you the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys are always on hand to provide you with legal advice, insights into your case, and effective legal representation. When we take on your case, we are on your side 100 percent and will fight for you until you get what’s yours.

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What Causes Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Lexington, KY?

An important part of building your case is finding out what caused your fall in the first place. If we can identify the reason why you fell, we may be able to determine how much you should get as compensation from the property owner or his or her insurance provider.

Some of the common causes of slip-and-fall incidents in Kentucky include:

  • Wet floors – A wet substance may be spilled on the floor and has yet to be cleaned up. People can also slip and fall if there’s no indication that the floor has been mopped recently.
  • No traction in the bathroom – Slip and fall cases can also be brought by renters if the property owner installs bathroom floors that offer little to no traction, thus causing people to slip.
  • Newly polished floors – Polished floors can be slippery, which is why every property owner or manager in charge should endeavor to put up warning signs after the job is done.
  • Poor lighting conditions – A wet floor in a poorly-lit, frequently trafficked area is a disaster waiting to happen. People are bound to miss the wet floors and fall on the slippery surface.
  • Obstacles on the floor – For instance, food or other items could end up on the floor of a retail store’s aisle. People can easily slip on the substance, or trip on the item, and sustain injuries.

Countless situations could cause you to fall and get injured. If the situation or mistake could have been avoided by a more attentive property owner, manager, or supervisor, chances are that you can be compensated for your injuries.

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The Dangers of Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Kentucky

There is a long list of injuries that you can sustain in a fall. The severity of your injuries, combined with the situation surrounding your slip-and-fall accident, can play a role in how much you get as compensation.

In our decades of helping clients get the compensation they need after a fall, these are among the most common injuries we have seen:

  • Broken bones
  • Dislocated joints
  • Hip fracture
  • Muscular sprain or torn muscles
  • Traumatic brain injuries such as a cracked skull, intracranial hemorrhaging, or a concussion
  • Bruises, or lacerations
  • Excessive loss of blood brought on by a cut acquired when the injured person fell
  • Spine or nerve damage
  • Knee injury
  • Internal injuries

Sadly, the impact of a fall isn’t just limited to physical or psychological injuries. There’s also the real danger of losing your income or your job, as well as the risk of death from certain injuries.

One of the most tragic things about slip-and-fall incidents is that people sometimes feel that they are fine after a fall. Thus, they may put off seeking treatment and end up suffering or dying from unknown complications.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to identify the injuries you may have sustained in a fall. Even if you feel fine, seek out medical treatment immediately. It’s always better to be cautious than to suffer permanent disability or lose your life in the process.

Proving Liability in a Slip and Fall Case

Kentucky is a comparative negligence state. This means that the degree to which you were at fault will determine the percentage of responsibility. For you to collect compensation in Kentucky, you must be less than 51 percent responsible for your injuries.

To help you understand this, let’s say you slipped on a freshly-mopped wet surface in the mall and broke your hip because there were no warning signs. In this situation, you may typically qualify for 100 percent compensation. However, if part of the reason for your accident was that you were on the phone and failing to pay attention, then you may legally share some of the blame.

The court and your lawyer will then determine the degree to which your lack of attention contributed to your injury. For instance, if it’s determined that you were partly responsible by 5 percent, the courts will deduct that 5 percent from your total settlement and award you the rest.

Also, you have a time limit within which you must bring your legal action. If you miss this window, you may not be able to pursue your case. 

Kentucky’s statute of limitations for slip and fall cases are as follows:

  • 1-year window for personal injuries which starts running from the day of the incident
  • 2-year window for property damage – time starts running from the date of the fall

The process of a slip and fall compensation claim is usually complicated. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer to help ensure that you get the maximum settlement possible.

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When it comes to successful fall cases in Lexington, we are experienced, skilled, driven, and dedicated. We treat each client with respect and compassion because we empathize with what you’re going through. We also value communication, so there will always be someone at our firm available to talk to you about your case. 

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