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Are you one of the nearly 34,000 disabled residents of Lexington, Kentucky? If so, you are part of 11.3 percent of the population who may benefit from the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. Throughout the city, you might notice provisions designed to make your life easier, such as wheelchair ramps, closed captions for the deaf, or accessible public restrooms.

Besides these accommodations, Kentucky provides many resources for disabled residents that can benefit you. Perhaps you have attended a meeting of the Commission for People with Disabilities at the Lexington Senior Center. Or you might have created a Smart911 Safety Profile to share important information in case of an emergency. 

At Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers, we too want to do what we can to improve the quality of your life. Our resourceful attorneys are dedicated to helping people like you qualify for disability benefits. If your claim was denied, we can investigate what went wrong and do our best to get you the financial support you need. 

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Social Security: Understanding Your Rights

Social Security is simply an insurance program. American workers pay taxes from their salaries to support the system. In general, the program benefits:

  • Retired people
  • People with disabilities
  • Dependents of beneficiaries
  • Spouses and children of deceased workers

Not every disabled person qualifies for benefits. According to SSA qualification guidelines, you must be unable to work due to a physical or mental condition expected to either last at least 1 year or end in death. 

In 2019, 86 percent of the 69.1 million people that collected benefits were disabled. These funds can be a lifesaver for disabled Kentucky residents struggling with making ends meet. Are you wondering how you can be a beneficiary?

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Fayette County Disability Claims: Understanding Your Benefits

What type of benefits does this program provide for Americans? The answer depends on your personal circumstances. 

Monthly benefits

If you worked a job in the past, your check will be based on your wage records. In 2019, disabled men and women received an average monthly benefit of $1,128 to $1,384. 

Family members might also be eligible for payments. For example, the caregiver of a disabled child or unmarried children with a disabled parent may also apply. Qualifying family members get up to half of the disability benefit amount.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program benefits

Blind or disabled children and adults can apply for income support from the SSI program. As of December 2019, about 8.1 million people received SSI benefits. Your monthly payment depends on many factors. but the average amount in 2019 was $566. The highest limits are $783 for individuals and $1,175 for couples.

Health insurance 

Medicare is an insurance program that serves people with disabilities. Once you enroll, Medicare Part A covers some of the costs associated with inpatient hospital care. Part A also pays for some skilled nursing facilities, home health care, and hospice. 

Medicare Part B and D are optional. Part B concerns doctor services, outpatient care, medical equipment, and certain preventative medical services. Part D covers prescription drug costs. Sometimes you might pay an extra monthly premium for these services based on your eligibility and income.

Medicare Part C is now known as the Medicare Advantage Plan. This plan is a combination of Parts A and B. Its benefits can help you afford your prescription drugs and vision, hearing, and dental services.

After you get disability benefits for 2 years, you will qualify for Medicare Part A. You can qualify before 24 months if:

  • You have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease)
  • Your permanent kidney failure requires dialysis or replacement
  • You pay a monthly premium

Survivors benefits

If someone dies, the family can apply for benefits based on the deceased’s work. If you are a spouse, parent, or unmarried child, you likely qualify. Additionally, you might also claim a one-time payment if you meet certain requirements. 

Survivors often receive 75 to 100 percent of the deceased person’s basic benefit. Feel free to contact our Social Security Disability team to learn if you are eligible.

How a Lexington Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help You Secure Your Benefits

The benefits you collect do not depend on how much you paid in taxes. In fact, there is no guarantee that you will ever get a penny. The Social Security Administration (SSA) manages the money and decides who qualifies for benefits.

Here is a quote from 2020’s SSA benefits guide: “The money you pay in taxes [is not] held in a personal account for you to use when you get benefits. We use your taxes to pay people who are getting benefits right now.

Another of the SSA’s publications explains that the program is not sustainable over the long term at current benefit and tax rates…The Trustees estimate that the combined OASI and DI trust fund reserves will be depleted by 2035.” 

Due to SSA’s limited funds, they must manage claims carefully. They deny claims for a number of reasons. Lexington Social Security Disability lawyers can help you avoid common mistakes that can cost you the benefits you need to provide for your family. For example, a Social Security attorney can do the following on your behalf:

Collect appropriate medical evidence

Along with your Social Security Disability application, you must present proof that you have a medical problem that affects your ability to work. Our team of Lexington Social Security lawyers stays current with disability claim requirements. 

Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers can collect your medical records from primary care physicians and other sources. Our team might also examine your work records, including your use of sick days, to prove your condition interferes with your job.

Why not allow the professionals to strengthen your insurance application before you send it? Save yourself time and stress by calling (800) 800-4600 today to schedule a time to speak with a member of our legal team.

Submit materials on time

Turning in your completed application on time is as important as including the right documentation. A capable Lexington Social Security Disability attorney knows what you need and how to get it. He or she can quickly compile the materials you need to meet strict SSA deadlines.

The local benefits office often requests applicants to schedule medical exams with specific doctors. You will need to show up for your appointments on time. 

Cooperate with your Lexington Social Security case manager 

Cooperation can make the difference between an approved or a rejected disability claim. Yet, if you do not realize what your SSA case manager expects of you, you could make a mistake before you realize it. 

A knowledgeable Social Security Disability attorney can alert you of potential problems. For instance, you might not think it is a big deal to skip a treatment session or adjust your medicine dosage. Yet, your case manager might interpret these actions as a failure to cooperate. If you experience side effects or other issues that affect your treatment regimen, talk to your healthcare provider. 

Why Contacting a Hughes & Coleman Attorney is Urgent If Your Kentucky Disability Claim is Denied

Once you receive a decision from SSA, you have a limited window to ask for an appeal. If you miss the deadline, you might lose your rights to an appeal. If that happens, the most recent decision of the Social Security Administration becomes final. 

Why risk losing your ability to provide for yourself and your family? Please contact our Lexington Social Security legal team as soon as you receive your decision letter. Our disability claim phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at (800) 800-4600  or complete our convenient case evaluation form. 

The Social Security disability attorney representing you can appeal your case. He or she can investigate if you have a valid claim or if you were awarded a fair amount of benefits.

The four levels of appeal

There are 4 levels of appeal, including the following.


A reconsideration would mean a complete review of your Fayette County disability claim. Someone who did not participate in the original review will look at the evidence. Once the new case manager decides whether your claim is valid, SSA will send you a letter with the new decision. 


You can request a hearing if you disagree with the outcome of the reconsideration. Usually, hearings are held within 75 miles of your home, so you might have to travel as far as Louisville to attend an appeals hearing. When an administrative law judge is assigned to your case, you will be notified of the time and the place of your hearing. 

A Hughes & Coleman Social Security Disability benefits attorney can let you know what to expect. He or she might also help you compile more evidence to improve your claim. For example, your attorney might ask medical or occupational experts to explain why your health prevents you from working during the trial. 

Your attorney can represent you at your hearing. However, unless your health prevents it, “it is usually to your advantage to attend the hearing.” If you cannot participate, though, your attorney can help you prepare a letter to explain why you are unable to come. 

Appeals Council

The Appeals Council is a group of 3 members who oversee the hearings and appeals process. They do not accept every case. If they have no reason to question the administrative law judge’s decision, they will deny your request for an Appeals Council review.

At Hughes & Coleman, we realize how essential it is to present the most convincing evidence to this committee. Otherwise, your case might never be heard. If the Appeals Council accepts your request, they will review the evidence of your case and send you a copy of their decision. 

Federal district court

In rare cases, a disability claims attorney will need to pursue your claim in a Kentucky federal district court.

Contact Hughes & Coleman to Secure Your Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits Today

Hughes & Coleman, established in 1985, has a long history of securing federal aid for people with permanent disabilities. We want to help you too and can help you submit your initial application for Lexington Social Security Disability benefits. 

The bottom line is SSA can deny your disability claim. Is that a chance you are willing to take?

A Social Security Disability benefits attorney with our firm can help you avoid mistakes that might disqualify your claim. Our hardworking team will help you gather evidence quickly to meet deadlines and complete your claim on time.

If you tried and failed to get your benefits approved, our law firm can investigate what went wrong. Our meticulous personal injury lawyers can strengthen your case to get you a successful appeal. You can speak to someone right now. Call (800) 800-4600 now for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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