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Despite Louisville’s long history and Victorian homes, you can find modern architecture along with its many historical buildings. Regardless of the type of structure, however, did you know that all property owners have a responsibility to others who live around them?

If you were injured on someone else’s property, you need to know your rights. Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers can help you overcome the obstacles you face after an accident. Rather than worry about bills and lost wages, focus on getting qualified, professional advice. 

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Each Louisville Property Owner’s Responsibility to You

Property owners and managers must consider the safety of others. Kentucky state law describes this responsibility as taking “ordinary care” that anyone visiting their properties will be reasonably safe. 

For instance, a landowner might regularly inspect his or her rental property and fix maintenance issues that could pose a danger to residents. A conscientious business owner would anticipate potential hazards and post warning signs for passersby. 

Was your injury the result of a property owner failing his or her duty? The job of our Louisville premises liability lawyers are to determine whether negligence caused your accident, and we are well up for the job. Our personal injury attorneys have decades of experience evaluating the complicated factors that play into personal injury accidents.

Some examples of potential premises liability accidents are:

  • Criminal attacks
  • Drownings
  • Dog bites
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Fires
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Other accidents caused by lack of property maintenance

Without a thorough investigation, you might never find out what compensation you are truly due. On the other hand, a Louisville premises liability attorney can make your rights clear to you and may pursue justice by holding the negligent property owner accountable for his or her conduct. 

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What to Do If You Were Partially At Fault for a Louisville Premises Liability Accident

In Jefferson County, you can recover damages even if you were partly at fault for the incident. Unfortunately, though, premises liability cases are not always easy to understand. 

The good news is that a skillful attorney can collect evidence based on these 4 elements of Kentucky property law:

  • Duty: Duty refers to the obligation of the property owner to ensure your safety on the premises. His or her level of responsibility varies depending on the circumstances. For example, a homeowner might have a different duty toward a guest than a trespasser.


  • Breach: This legal term refers to what the owner did wrong. He or she might have made a mistake, such as placing a tripping hazard in an area where people walk regularly. Or the property owner might have failed to do something he or she should have done. For instance, a business owner might neglect to put a sign warning of a known slipping hazard, such as wet floors.


  • Causation: Kentucky law is based on percentages. Suppose you were mostly to blame for an accident on someone’s property. A Louisville premises liability lawyer might calculate your share of the responsibility at 60 percent. He or she could pursue damages equal to 40 percent from the other party.


  • Damages: The injured party can recover compensation for losses. His or her lawyer may seek to prove that the party was hurt by something the property owner did or did not do.

Our law firm can pursue damages for you, but the first step is contacting us about your injury. Call our phone lines at (800) 800-4600, any time day or night, to speak to a qualified professional.

What Damages You Can Recover Under Louisville Premises Liability Law

If a property owner is found liable for your injury, your Louisville premises liability lawyer can demand that he or she pay damages to you. Every property case is different, but common damages may include the following.

Medical bills 

One of the most stressful obligations after a property liability accident is paying medical expenses. Personal injury law allows victims to collect reimbursement for medical bills, such as emergency transport, hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitative therapy, and prescription drugs. 

If your injury is severe, full recovery might take years. A competent personal injury attorney looks at the big picture, seeking compensation for future medical treatment.

Lost wages

After an accident, you might not be able to work during your recovery. You might wonder how you can support your family during this difficult time. And what if your injuries prevent you from returning to work permanently?

A Louisville premises liability lawyer can ensure just compensation for your lost income is included in your personal injury claim. You could receive past lost wages and a settlement for the wages you would have made had the accident not occurred. 

Disfigurement or disability

A disfigurement is an injury that damages your physical appearance. Scars, burns, or the loss of eyes, ears, or limbs are examples of permanent life changes for which you might deserve compensation. 

Disabilities are conditions that affect your ability to work or perform other tasks. Common disabilities include loss of vision, loss of hearing, or loss of motor functions. 

Lifestyle changes

Unfortunately, the pain and suffering of some premises liability cases can change your life forever. You might find it impossible to do some activities that you were able to perform previously, or physical limitations might lessen your enjoyment of them. An attorney can ask for damages to acknowledge unexpected changes in your lifestyle.

Loss of consortium and services

How did your personal injury incident affect your family life? If your injury prevents you and your spouse from enjoying your relationship as you once did, you may seek damages. You can also pursue compensation for services that you once performed for your family, such as childcare, housekeeping, and other daily life tasks.

Pain and suffering

Pain and suffering refer to the physical and psychological anguish caused by an injury. Aches, pains, depression, and the shortening of your life might fall in this category. 

There is no cost to learn if you qualify to recover damages for your personal injury. At Hughes & Coleman, we always have someone available to speak with clients about premises liability cases. Schedule a free consultation with our law firm today at (800) 800-4600.

Why You Must Act Quickly to Receive Maximum Compensation From Negligent Property Owners

A Louisville premises liability attorney can help you maximize your compensation. Yet, you must take action soon if you want to pursue your claim for damages from the owner or property manager. 

Under Louisville premises liability law, you have a set deadline to get what your injury deserves. Once the time is up, you could lose any right you have to get the money you need to pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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