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Every year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) receives over 2 million applications for disabled worker benefits. Thus, Social Security Disability (SSD) claims take time, and why every disabled claimant must get his or her application right the first time. Filing the claim, monitoring its progress, and following up is tedious and confusing. 

If you have been injured in a work-related incident and have suffered temporary or permanent disability because of that injury, you may be able to receive disabled-worker benefits with the help of an experienced Louisville Social Security Disability attorney in filing your claim. 

Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers has skilled SSD attorneys serving Louisville, KY, who can help you. Contact us at 800-800-4600 to schedule a free case evaluation and start the process of recovering your benefits.

Reasons Why You Should Talk to a Louisville Social Security Disability Attorney

You would expect that for something as important as Social Security Disability benefits, the filing process would be straightforward. Unfortunately, though, the application process is long, stressful, and requires meticulous attention to detail. If you fill in the wrong parameters by mistake, you may not realize it until months later when your application has been denied.

An experienced Louisville Social Security Disability lawyer, on the other hand, is very familiar with the technical and detailed nature of SSD applications and can help you get it right the first time. In addition, having a knowledgeable SSD benefits lawyer handle your application improves your chances of getting the benefits that you deserve.   

Here at Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers, the first thing our Louisville personal injury lawyers will do is determine your eligibility. You are more likely to get your SSD claims approved if you meet the Social Security Administration’s eligibility requirements.

Many people are unaware that there is a range of medical conditions or impairments that qualify for these benefits. So even if you have been injured and have suffered some form of disability, if your injuries are not on the list, your application could be denied.

This is why it must first be established whether your injuries are on the Social Security Administration’s list of impairments. From there, we can start the process of filing your claim with the Social Security Administration.

There are currently 8.5 million SSDI beneficiaries in the country, and you can be one of them, but you need to move fast because Social Security Disability claims are often time-bound. Once you miss the required window, you won’t be able to file your claim or start the appeal process.

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What Are the Grounds For Filing a Social Security Disability Claim in Louisville, KY?

There are various parameters that you must meet before you can apply for disability benefits. These include:

  • You must qualify as disabled according to the SSA’s definitions
  • You must have worked at a job that’s covered by Social Security
  • You must have been out of work for at least a year because of the injury
  • You are unable to work as you did before the accident
  • You have paid enough Social Security taxes to earn adequate work credits
  • You are unable to properly carry out other work-related tasks because of the injury
  • Your disability has become or will likely become terminal

As you can see, there’s a wide range of conditions that you have to meet or qualify for before the Social Security Administration will approve your benefits. Thus, you should engage the help of a Louisville Social Security Disability lawyer if you want to get your full payment every month.

Disability Benefits That You May Qualify For in Louisville, KY

Once it’s determined that your case qualifies for the SSD benefits, your attorney will have to determine exactly what type of benefits you can get. 

Your medical condition plays a key role in determining whether you qualify for Social Security payments. When you file your claim, the SSA will investigate your medical reasons to determine if your medical condition is severe enough that you can’t work.

Depending on your situation, there are two types of claims that you can file:

  1. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  2. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

The approval for SSDI benefits is usually based on work credits (how many years you’ve worked) and disability. SSI approvals are based on a combination of disability, age, and limited financial resources or income. The monthly payments also differ in the sense that SSDI amounts are often higher than SSI payments.

Reports show that as of December 2019, there were over 207,000 SSDI beneficiaries in Kentucky, with nearly 25,000 of the recipients living in Jefferson County. There were also over 171,000 SSI recipients in the state.

While many applicants can only get one of the two benefits, some are able to get both. If an applicant meets all the criteria like disability, sufficient work history, and limited financial resources, the applicant may be able to receive both benefits.

For more information on the differences between SSI and SSDI, you should speak to an experienced Louisville SSD attorney at Hughes & Coleman. Our lawyers are familiar with the workings of SSD claims and can help you with the process.

Illnesses or Injuries That Qualify For SSD Benefits

The SSA has a list of illnesses or impairments to prioritize when considering SSD applications. If your condition is on the SSA’s list of impairments, your claim might be approved on medical grounds. 

Some of the listed medical conditions include:

  • Some types of cancer
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Joint diseases like osteoarthritis
  • Respiratory conditions like emphysema, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)
  • Back or spinal injuries
  • Hip injuries
  • Anxiety or mood problems like depression, manic-depressive disorder, or bipolar disorder

Of course, the Social Security Administration would have to determine the severity of your condition, even if your ailment is on the list. For example, there’s a higher approval rate for metastasized cancers (cancers that have spread to other parts of the body) than for localized, treatable cancers. Also, people with multiple medical conditions are likely to get their claims approved if they can show that the combined conditions have affected their ability to work productively.

To find out whether your condition qualifies you for the monthly payments, a Louisville SSD attorney at Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers can help. Call 800-800-4600, or fill out this contact form, to speak to one of our team members.

Top Reasons Why a Social Security Disability Claim Might Be Denied

One of the most common questions that intending claimants have is how long it would take to get their benefits. And that’s understandable since people need all the help they can get as quickly as possible.  

Unfortunately, there’s really no set time frame. Sometimes, the outcome of applications takes months. If your claim was denied, then you have to wait until the appeal goes through and your case is reexamined. 

The truth is that we really can’t tell until our Louisville SSD attorney examines your case.

It’s important to be armed with all the facts before applying for your benefits. The SSA reports that 62 percent of claims are denied the first time on medical or technical grounds. The agency, however, gives room for the appeal of a denied claim.

Some of the most common reasons why your claim might be denied include:

  • The claimant is employed and has earnings exceeding the substantial gainful activity limit
  • The SSA is unable to contact or reach you after your filing
  • Your medical condition is not considered severe enough to prevent you from working
  • You have not worked recently
  • There’s no evidence of disability before your last insured date
  • You failed to work for long enough to qualify for work credits
  • You failed to work for long enough at a job that paid into a Social Security program
  • Your asset or income limits are higher than specified limits
  • You are older than 65 (this applies to SSI benefits)

These are the major reasons why your claim might be denied the first time. However, with the help of a skilled Louisville personal injury lawyer, the denial can be appealed.

Hire a Top-Rated SSD Attorney in Louisville, KY

An experienced SSD attorney in Jefferson County can ensure that your claim is successfully filed the first time. And if your claim is denied, our attorney may be able to help you appeal the denial. 

The law firm of Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers has helped SSD claimants recover their benefits in the past. We have recovered over $1 billion in compensation for our clients and can do the same for you too. 

If you need help and guidance with your claim, our Louisville SSD law firm can provide you with all the help you need.

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