When To Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Lexington, KY

Consider the possibility that you or a family member is injured in an accident one day.

This can be while you are running errands in your car, falling on a wet floor in a restaurant, a lack of sufficient medical care in a long-term care facility, or even negligence on someone else’s part.

This results in a personal injury that can keep you out of work for months, if not years, depending on the severity. Not only do you lose work as a result, but you also incur medical expenses as a result of your injuries.

As soon as you or a loved one suffers an injury and finds themselves in this scenario, you should consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer for counsel. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, nursing facility abuse, or have lost a loved one due to wrongful death, our attorneys can review your claims and get the wheels of justice in motion.

In the United States, more and more people are becoming aware of the need to hire an attorney to help with their personal injury cases. At the end of 2019, the number of personal injury cases increased by 97 percent (United States Courts, 2020)

How can you determine when it is necessary to schedule a consultation with an accident lawyer? These are a few of the scenarios.

Accidents in Automobiles

This can be one of the most critical occasions to retain the services of a personal injury lawyer. The primary reason is that not everyone carries adequate insurance to cover certain types of personal injury, and truck accidents can also occur as a result of defective equipment or a failure to adhere to safety rules.

Take, for example, the case in which a commercial delivery truck collides with your car, resulting in an accident in which you suffer back injuries. It’s possible that the delivery truck lacked maintenance, or that the driver failed to adhere to safety requirements on the road.

The consequences of this accident could include having to pay medical fees out of pocket, especially if you only have liability insurance on your vehicle. It can also lead you to lose time from work, resulting in a potential loss of income, and it may even cause you to doubt how you will put food on the table for your family.

Mild cuts and bruises to severe traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage can result from car accidents, depending on the severity of the accident. Injury victims may be able to seek compensation from the party who was at fault for the accident, whether it was due to their own irresponsible driving, a car malfunction, or other circumstances.

At Hughes & Coleman law firm, our Lexington auto accident attorneys believe that victims in this situation deserve justice for the wrongful injuries they have undergone, and compensation for the unjust losses they have incurred. In personal injury claims, we represent you rather than the insurance company, and we fight for your rights.

Statistically speaking, car accidents rank first among all types of accident cases in terms of both frequency and severity, and if you have been injured in an automobile accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

This is when you should consult with a personal injury attorney. It is possible to force the driver and their insurance company to pay for your medical bills as well as compensation for the time you have lost from work by filing a lawsuit against them.

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Create a Level Playing Field

If you hire a lawyer, you will have a better chance of succeeding in your pursuit of a major organization rather than a single individual.

Consider the following scenario: you are going to get a burrito before the big game on a Saturday afternoon, and you walk through the main entrance to get in line. However, there is a spill in the walkway, and no one has come out yet to clean it up.

The floor is slick, and you may not be able to see how wet it is because of the darkness. Then you fall and shatter your elbow, making it impossible to work.

This is the type of injury that can not only keep someone out of work for several weeks, but also cause them to incur a significant amount of medical expenses. But, who is going to be responsible for the damages?

When it comes to the state of their facilities and the activities of its staff, the burrito restaurant is ultimately liable. However, the corporation will have a team of lawyers on hand to assist them in dealing with a case such as yours. Even if they are the liable party, they may claim that the law is not on your side of the bargain.

They may attempt to bully you into giving in or forcing you to go through a lengthy trial if you do not have an experienced lawyer on your side. However, with the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer, you can fight for the compensation you deserve!

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Accidents caused by negligence are unquestionably one of the most common reasons for personal injury lawsuits to be filed, but the concept of negligence is somewhat ambiguous. It is defined as the party at fault failing to fulfill a legally mandated duty of care to the victim while having an established duty of care.

Let’s go back to the restaurant for another meal. If you were to slip and fall on the floor of their premises, the restaurant would be liable since they failed to uphold their duty of care.

The restaurant’s responsibility in that situation is to provide a safe environment in which you may enjoy eating your meal. When there is a puddle on the floor, it is the responsibility of the personnel to clean it up as soon as possible and to properly label it as a dangerous place.

In the meantime, until the personnel can thoroughly clean it, a wet floor sign would have to be posted. When this occurs, the employee is fulfilling the obligation of duty of care because, in this circumstance, he is informing the visitors that the floor is now wet and going in that area may result in the guest falling.

If a customer continues to walk straight past the wet floor sign and falls as a result, the restaurant firm will not be liable for their injuries because the customer chose to disregard the safety precautions that the restaurant attempted to offer for them.

Negligence is defined as the failure to carry out these simple responsibilities. In other words, you are not carrying out the responsibilities that you have been assigned.

Kentucky allows you to recover a percentage of damages according to the percentage of negligence on the other party’s part, even if it was the other party who was primarily at fault. Consider the following scenario: you were 90 percent to blame in an accident, whereas the other party was only 10 percent to blame. In that case, you would be eligible to receive a 10 percent reimbursement for the damages caused by your accident.

A lawyer can recover you in establishing negligence in instances that you may never be aware of and in recovering the full amount from the party who was at fault.

Abuse in Nursing Homes

Unfortunately, abuse and neglect in nursing facilities are far too widespread in today’s society. The number of cases of abuse and neglect in nursing homes is increasing across the country. The types of neglect and abuse that can be found in Lexington, Kentucky, and around the United States present themselves in a variety of ways, primarily through visual or mental channels. An attorney who specializes in nursing home abuse can best assist a person in understanding the details of the case at hand.

No matter what form of neglect or abuse is discovered in nursing homes, it is critical that action be done to seek charges against the party who was at fault for the situation. In order for this to occur, people must be aware of the signs and symptoms of this type of abuse and take action to prevent it. Federal nursing home standards ensure that residents have the right to be free from verbal, sexual, physical, and mental abuse, as well as corporal punishment and compulsory seclusion, as defined by the federal government.

Depending on the state, the statute of limitations for nursing home negligence claims might range from one to six years. In Kentucky, the statute of limitations for nursing home abuse and neglect cases is normally one year from the day you discovered the abuse.

The term “neglect” is used to describe abuse in a nursing home. This is visible when a patient is not fed properly, is not cleaned properly, is not turned properly, or is not provided with appropriate nutrients or water, all of which can result in a physical breakdown of the patient.

With the assistance of a professional nursing home abuse lawyer with vast experience, you can put together an effective legal action that will maximize any potential damage awards. It is in your best interests to investigate since it can mean the difference between receiving nothing and receiving full compensation.

Engage the Services of an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

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