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$12,000,000 Nashville Truck Accident Verdict Alert

March 10 2022 | Auto Accidents, Nashville Car Accident Lawyer Blog, Nashville Truck Accident Lawyer
  • Charles Peterson with his attorneys.

    It was Christmas, 2017. Charles Peterson was traveling from Memphis to Nashville. This day forever changed his life. A negligent driver struck Mr. Peterson’s vehicle, sending him into the median. Then, a semi-trailer driver, who was not paying attention to the roadway, crashed into Mr. Peterson’s vehicle. Sometimes an accident is not really an accident. The plaintiff suffered severe injuries. Both of his legs were amputated. His medical bills skyrocketed and he was not going to be able to pay for future medical expenses. Health insurance only does so much. As bad as his injuries were, auto insurance coverage is going to be there, right? Don’t count on it. The moments surrounding a motor vehicle accident or a truck accident, can cause life to spiral out of control. So what did Mr. Peterson do? He called Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers, and we filed suit.

    A Plaintiff’s attorney will never tell you that a serious car accident case is going to be easy. Until 3 days before Mr. Peterson’s trial, the commercial truck drivers insurance had only offered $50,000 (that is not a typo). After that, they increased their settlement offer to $200,000, which was also declined. During the trial they offered $400,000, and later, during jury deliberation, they increased their offer of settlement to $600,000. Up until the very last moment, the commercial truck drivers’ insurance company insisted that Mr. Peterson was the one who was at fault.

    If you think you don’t need an experienced truck accident lawyer during car wreck lawsuits, you need to keep reading.

    Clearly, the insurance company knew that Hughes and Coleman’s team, including lead attorney Joe Griffith, was capable of holding them accountable. But $600,000 cannot compensate for the loss of both a person’s legs. No amount of money can, which is why the lawyers handling the personal injury case were more than comfortable declining the $600,000 offer and letting the jury decide what the Plaintiff’s injuries, pain and suffering were worth.

    Car Accident Trial

    In the trial court, making use of expert witnesses, our attorneys were able to present evidence clearly showing that the defendant driver was responsible for the car wreck according to Tennessee Law. Ultimately, the jury decided that Mr. Peterson was not at fault, but that the truck driver was negligent, and awarded a $12 Million Jury verdict against the truck driver.

    This car accident lawsuit, which was docket number 18C2027 in Davidson County Circuit Court, was filed on August 7, 2018. The trial began on November 15, 2021 and concluded, with the verdict, on November 19, 2021.

    This story is sad, any permanent injury is, but this (and stories like it) are all too common after big truck wrecks. Deny, delay, and deflect. Insurance companies deny reality. They delay paying injury victims what they truly deserve and they deflect responsibility, usually right back at the victim themselves.

    Nashville Car Wreck Attorney

    The attorney client relationship is critical and it is important to find personal injury lawyers that you can trust. Our team of attorneys is more than capable, and ready, to fight for you. For any car wreck, personal injury, medical malpractice or wrongful death, we are here to fight for you. It’s not just lawyer talk, it’s what we do. Our team is prepared to fight for you if you ever need our help. Our personal injury lawyers will be there for you. There is always a free consultation and evaluation of your claim. From the moment you hire our law firm, right up until closing arguments, we fight for you.

    Hughes and Coleman is located at 446 James Robertson Pkwy #100, Nashville, TN 37219. The number is 800-800-4600. It’s toll free. So if you are injured in a car crash, have a lawyer start working for you today. Remember, Control starts with a Call!

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