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    Our car accident lawyer team at Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers recently secured compensation for an Elizabethtown, KY client, Mr. MacPherson, who was the victim of a car wreck in February of 2019.  

    The Wreck 

    On the morning of February 7th, MacPherson was involved in a high-speed collision caused by the negligence of another individual while he was traveling to work. Both drivers, MacPherson and the person who would eventually become the defendant, were traveling north on I-65 towards Louisville. MacPherson was in the left lane and the defendant was in the center lane, when out of nowhere the defendant made a sharp left turn, crossing his lane of traffic. Witnesses noticed the sudden lane shift seemed to be in effort to make a U-turn at the turnaround gap within the median. Even with MacPherson swerving in effort to avoid a collision, he inevitably struck the defendant on the driver side, causing both cars to crash.  

    Immediately after being struck, the defendant hit the end of the cable barriers and overturned. The impact of the collision caused both vehicles to come to a rest in the median facing north. Within minutes, EMS and police arrived at the scene and quickly transported MacPherson to Hardin Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries.  

    The Injuries 

    When the collision occurred, MacPherson’s body slammed forward in his vehicle; his knees hit the dashboard and his face absorbed the impact from the airbags being deployed. He quickly began to feel numbness and tingling in his back in addition to a bloody nose. While at the hospital, he was diagnosed with a concussion, a cervical strain, multiple fractures, a broken nose, and a minor blunt chest injury. MacPherson’s additional pain and injuries surfaced gradually in the days following the accident. His neck, back, and shoulder continued to ache, he was having trouble breathing due to the fractures in his nose, and he was experiencing numbness in different areas of the body. He also realized an imbalance had developed, causing him to lose concentration, randomly become dizzy, and experience trouble walking. 

    The Treatment 

    Due to the injuries he sustained from the accident and the constant pain he was continuing to endure, MacPherson was forced to attend many doctor appointments, causing him to miss work. He also had to have surgery on his back and nose, resulting in continued follow up appointments with specialists to monitor his recovery processes.  

    Even though he was beginning to recover from some of his physical injuries, MacPherson was still suffering from chronic pain, ongoing balance issues, and functional issues. He later went back to the hospital for an MRI and was advised he had also sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from the car accident, which was contributing to many of his difficulties. He attended physical therapy to assist him in dealing with the balance issues, but he continues to live in pain every day.  

    Life Changes  

    With all of the injuries that MacPherson was forced to endure due to the collision, he was also forced to make many unwanted life changes. Before the wreck, he worked 40 hour weeks, played golf nearly every day, and participated in many volunteer opportunities. Now, he plays golf sparingly, cannot work, and cannot volunteer nearly as often as he used to. His life was completely altered by the negligence of another individual.  

    Our Team 

    When Mr. MacPherson called us and explained his situation, our team of dedicated attorneys immediately went to work.  

    Each diagnosis and treatment plan came at a cost, so it’s no surprise that MacPherson incurred a large stack of medical and treatment bills throughout his recovery process. Just within a few hours of the collision, he was already being billed for what would continue to be a long and expensive journey in effort to get back to his health status prior to the accident.  

    When originally filing his claim, the initial offer from the insurance company was $25,000. We ruled that unacceptable and continued to fight to get the compensation he deserved.  

    After ongoing negotiations, our team demanded a $250,000 settlement, which was finally accepted by the insurance company and secured for our client. 

    Although Mr. MacPherson’s life was completely altered by the negligence of another individual, and we understand no amount of money can compensate for the pain and suffering he did and continues to endure, he was very grateful for the services our team provided.  

    At Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers, we care about our clients and will always fight to get the compensation and justice they deserve. We help injured people and their families. If you are injured in a car wreck, call 800-800-4600. We have team members available to take your call 24/7 and your initial consultation is free. Control starts with a call.

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