Don’t Fall For These Dishonest Insurance Company Tactics

February 01 2019 | Personal Injury Lawyer Blog
  • Insurance companies often care more about their profits than your injuries. In this article, we will expose three common practices you need to be wary of when making a third-party insurance claim.


    Financial losses a person may sustain as a result of a motor vehicle accident go well beyond the property damage – that is, damage to one’s vehicle and personal possessions. Car crash injuries are often serious and require costly medical attention – from a simple visit to the ER to extended hospital stays and rehabilitation periods. In most cases, an accident victim will also miss some days from work. It goes without saying, then, that the financial impact of an accident – from mounting medical bills to lost wages – can be substantial and put a heavy strain on virtually every household’s budget.

    In order to offset the financial losses, an accident victim may sustain, personal injury law in both Kentucky and Tennessee stipulates that a person injured as a result of the negligence or recklessness of another party may be entitled to financial compensation from the party that caused the accident. However, in most cases, the compensation will not come directly from the at-fault person’s pocket. Rather, the injured party must file a claim against the at-fault person’s insurance company.

    It stands to reason that a person who was injured in an accident through no fault of their own should expect the at-fault person’s insurance company to cooperate and to promptly pay out fair financial compensation. Sadly, most insurance companies care more about maximizing their profits and minimizing their losses than they care about being fair and just towards victims. Compensation payment represents a loss to an insurance company. Accident victims dealing with a third-party insurer must be extremely careful not to fall for the dishonest tactics that such companies often employ in order to minimize the amount of compensation paid to the victim. In this article, we will expose three of such unfair practices you should especially wary of.


    Undermining Their Client’s Fault

    One of the most common practices a third-party insurance company can employ to avoid the payout is attempting to undermine their client’s fault.

    An insurer is most likely to employ this tactic if there were no witnesses to the accident and if the police report is inconclusive as to which driver was at fault. In addition, even if the other driver’s fault is clearly established through witness testimony and additional evidence, the insurer’s representatives may try to trick you into saying something that would be tantamount to accepting part of the blame for the accident. You should, then, avoid commenting on the issue while talking to the insurer and be careful in your choice of words. If you are dealing with an uncooperative insurer who is trying to undermine the other driver’s fault in the accident, you need to contact a car accident lawyer immediately.


    Undermining Your Injuries

    Often the insurance company will try to prove that you are trying to exaggerate your injuries, the extent to which they affect the quality of your life, and their impact on your budget. The best defense against this dishonest practice is to thoroughly document your injuries and the expenses related to them.

    After the accident, you should go to the emergency room or to a hospital to receive a proper medical checkup. If you have been subjected to more extensive treatment, you should collect all the medical bills and ask your hospital to release your medical documentation. You should also document other material losses such as wages lost due to your temporary inability to work. The more documentation you have, the less likely it is that the insurance company will try to undermine your claim.


    Offering Less Money Than You Deserve

    Insurance companies know that a person injured in a motor vehicle accident often has pressing financial needs related to their medical bills and other expenses. At times, it may seem like an insurer is trying to settle your claim quickly, offering you an almost immediate payout. However, if you think they’re being compassionate and generous, you may want to think again. Often, the insurer wants you to agree to a compensation amount worth far less than what you deserve for your injuries and losses. For example, an insurance company may be offering you money to cover your medical bills but in reality, you may also be entitled to other damages such as pain and suffering, lost wages and more. Before agreeing to any settlement, it is usually best to consult an experienced personal injury attorney.

    Dealing with an insurance company after a motor vehicle accident or a mishap of another type can be stressful and exasperating. When you are still recuperating from your injuries, you may be tempted to make a rushed decision with regards to a settlement, or, due to the impact of the injury, you may simply lack the emotional capacity or intellectual clarity to deal with a dishonest insurer. That’s why it is important that you be able to count on help from a trusted family member or friend. A consultation with an accident attorney can also help you learn more about your legal options. In any case, remembering these three dishonest practices will protect you from some of the tactics an insurance company may use to reduce your compensation.

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