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Go With The Flow: Bicycling on the Roads of Kentucky and Tennessee

July 06 2016 | Auto Accidents, Blog
  • Jul 06, 2016

    More and more people in Kentucky and Tennessee are using roads for bicycle riding. Whether it’s for fun, exercise or an environmentally-friendly commute,

    there’s one key safety tip riders of all ages should follow:


    It’s not unusual to see a cyclist biking against the flow of traffic. Some cyclists believe this is safer than riding with the flow of traffic because drivers can see

    them from head on. However, experts routinely caution against it for some very persuasive reasons:

    •    Sharing the lane: When you bike against the flow of traffic, drivers have less time and fewer options to safely pass. By going with the flow, drivers can slow down and wait for a safe opening to pass cyclists.

    •    Backing out: If a driver is backing out of their driveway and onto the road, they’re less likely to spot a cyclist coming towards them against the flow of traffic.

    •    Turn, Turn, Turn: Cars turning right into a roadway will be spending more time looking the opposite way, creating a dangerous situation for cyclists going against the flow of traffic.

    Whether you like the challenge of weaving through the hills or enjoy a leisurely ride through flatter lands, Tennessee and Kentucky are home to some of

    the most beautiful cyclist-friendly roadways in America. So strap on a helmet, grab a water bottle and get out there!

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