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Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

March 24 2017 | Blog
  • Kentucky Hernia Mesh Attorneys

    Surgical Mesh has been used for decades to treat damage from hernias. It provides additional support for the bulging tissue and helps to restrain it and allow the hernia to heal. This device can be constructed from a variety of materials, from animal tissues to synthetics, and has been relied upon by many doctors as a sort of “go-to” treatment.

    Unfortunately, we now know that this treatment can cause severe health consequences if it breaks down in the body, and people who suffer complications from this treatment can have life-altering difficulties and disability as a result. Hernia mesh lawsuits have to be pursued carefully and require expert representation as well as a little knowledge on the part of the victim.

    Complications from Hernia Mesh

    Hernia mesh failure can result in a wide variety of serious complications. These can range from the hernia recurring with more severity, to debilitating pain, infections, erosion of tissue, issues with adhesion and rejection, even internal bleeding and damage to the esophagus and digestive system which can be permanent.

    A variety of these symptoms can be life-threatening and some people never recover from them. In the most minor cases, antibiotics can address infections, but surgery and blood transfusions can be used to keep serious complications at bay, and even these don’t always address the problem effectively.

    Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

    We’re seeing more hernia mesh lawsuits crop up across the nation over the past few years as the public becomes more aware of the problem. The FDA has even published a statement on how dangerous surgical mesh can be. There are even class action suits going on against certain manufacturers of this mesh among patients who had the procedure done after October, 2010.

    However, even if you can’t sign on to a major tort case, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a personal injury lawsuit for medical malpractice. People who received this procedure and had it fail, can sometimes collect compensation for the injuries they’ve suffered. These damages can involve medical bills, lost income and future compensation, pain and suffering and even damage to your quality of life.

    Seeking such compensation, however, can be tricky to pursue and require help from the right personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys.

    Proving Negligence

    The first thing you’ll need to do, to pursue your case, is prove negligence. This can be done in some cases by getting hold of your medical records to determine if the product used had any FDA warnings attached to it. You’ll also need to have an infection or other injury that is directly related to the product. You’ll need to show that the doctor knowingly used a product that would cause you harm, or should have known, and performed the procedure anyway.

    Tennessee and Kentucky Malpractice Attorneys

    If you suffer from complications from a mesh procedure in Tennessee or Kentucky and think you may have cause for a lawsuit, contact the medical malpractice attorneys at Hughes & Coleman. We have experience with hernia mesh lawsuits, and we may be able to help you. Get in touch with us for a free case evaluation today.

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