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When people purchase products, they do so with the intention that the product would in some way make their lives easier – and many products can do just that. On the other hand, some products end up harming you or your loved ones due to serious defects. 

When consumer products cause injury and pain, someone must be held responsible for the harm caused. Defective product liability cases in Lexington, KY, can be somewhat complex – depending on the product and the injury it caused. Nevertheless, you may be able to get compensation for the injury you sustained. 

If you have been injured by a defective product in Lexington, KY, our Lexington defective products attorneys at Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers may be able to help you recover compensation. We have decades of experience handling defective product liability cases. Contact us at (800) 800-4600 or click here to fill out our contact form for a free case evaluation.

Why Hire a Product Liability Lawyer in Lexington, KY?

Product liability cases are often complicated because there’s usually more than one liable party involved. Meanwhile, the outcome of each case largely depends on the kind of injuries sustained or the severity of the injuries.

For example, when Samsung phones were exploding in 2016, there were two major sources of the problem. One was Samsung SDI, and the other, Amperex Technology Limited. Both companies produced defective batteries that caused some of the devices the batteries were carrying to explode.

If you had a similar case and were pursuing compensation, chances are you would have filed your lawsuit with Samsung, instead of Samsung SDI or Amperex Technology Limited. This would have led to the insurance companies giving you the runaround, wasting time, and eventually denying your product liability claims.

As you can see, you need an experienced Lexington defective product lawyer with our team on your side to ensure success. Hughes & Coleman has helped many clients who were injured by faulty products recover adequate compensation by means of product liability claims. If you have sustained serious injuries from using defective products, we can help you with your product liability claim as well.

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Major Causes of Product Defects

Consumer products are meant to serve you and make your life less difficult. However, they don’t always accomplish their purpose. 

The reasons why some consumer products fail include:

  • Faulty design
  • Poor testing
  • Product damage during delivery
  • Manufacturing errors
  • Lacking hazard warnings or signs
  • Inadequate installation instructions
  • Mistakes during product assembly
  • Subpar components or parts
  • Inadequate quality testing before release to the market
  • Use of harmful ingredients

If you have been injured because of one or more of these mistakes, you need all the help you get to ensure that you receive adequate compensation. Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers is a Lexington-based personal injury law firm with qualified personal injury lawyers. 

We have decades of experience, which means we can provide you with effective legal advice and all the information you need for a successful defective product liability case in Kentucky.

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Types of Product Defects

All product defects cases fall into one or more of three categories, as follows.

Design defects

Products that have been faultily designed so they are capable of malfunctioning are known to have design defects. For example, toys that kids can choke on may have design defects. It shouldn’t be easy for children to swallow toys.

The second example of a design defect is a car built with a spare tire near the fuel tank. If that car gets in a rear-end accident and the tire pierces the fuel tank, it may cause rapid combustion that may consume the vehicle’s occupants.

Manufacturing defects

Manufacturing defects are among the most common. In many instances, this has led to the recall of most, if not all, units of the product in circulation.

Examples of some of the biggest recalls due to manufacturing errors include Toyota’s recall of 8.1 million vehicles because of faulty floor mats, and General Motors’ recall of 30.4 million vehicles with defective ignition switches.

Marketing defects

Also known as labeling or warning defects, marketing defects may involve companies or product manufacturers failing to warn of the hazards of their products. Whether the oversight is deliberate or not is beside the point. It is the duty of every product manufacturer to inform the public of the risks associated with the use of their products.

Marketing defects can come in the form of:

  • False claims, advertising, or information
  • Encouraging the improper use of the product
  • Failing to warn consumers of the risk of using the product
  • Omitting information about possible or known product hazards

One example of labeling defects is when a pharmaceutical company omits possible side effects of its drugs on its label or in advertising.

If your case falls into one or more of these categories, we may be able to help you. At Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers, our Lexington defective product attorneys can offer you effective legal advice, help you file a claim, and represent you in a court of law. Above all, the team at our law firm is committed to justice and fairness.

If you have been injured by a product you purchased and want to file a product liability claim, call our local law office at (859) 260-1722 to book a free consultation. If you prefer to discuss the case in person, please visit our Lexington law office at 211 E New Circle Road, Lexington, KY.

Common Product Liability Cases

All product liability cases are anything but the same. Some of the more common defective product case-types include:

  • Defective children’s toys
  • Vehicle defects
  • Faulty home appliances
  • Pharmaceuticals with severe side effects
  • Inadvertent exposure to toxic substances (For example, asbestos, which wasn’t known to be toxic until people who had contact with it started developing mesothelioma, a type of cancer)
  • Medical device defects
  • Faulty equipment and machinery
  • Defective mobile devices and accessories

There are many more possibilities out there than we mention here. If the product you buy ends up causing you harm, you should immediately work to determine whether you can seek compensation for your injuries. 

Here at the law firm of Hughes & Coleman, we have seen and handled a wide range of defective product cases. Even if you’re unsure of your case’s merit, please come talk to us. We can tell you whether you may be able to file a claim. You can reach us at (800) 800-4600, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Are the Grounds For Filing a Product Liability Case in Lexington?

In Kentucky, product liability claims are based on the rule of strict liability. This means that the victim doesn’t have to be able to prove how the product caused injury. The victim only needs to show and prove that the product caused you an injury. Of course, there are other grounds for product liability claims or lawsuits in the State of Kentucky. 

Whatever your situation, the attorneys at the law office of Hughes & Coleman are here to help you figure it out. We will listen to you and assess your case for merit. If you truly have a chance of receiving compensation, we can provide informed legal advice and help you see the case to a logical conclusion – which, in your case, would be fair and satisfactory compensation.

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Hire a Defective Products Lawyer in Lexington, Kentucky

The products you buy may be meant to help make your life easier, improve your well-being, and solve specific problems. If defective products ended up hurting you or a loved one and you sustained injuries in the process, though, the law is likely on your side. You deserve compensation.

The Lexington personal injury attorneys at Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers can help you pursue and recover compensation for your injuries. You can then use this money to pay your medical bills, replace damaged property, and make up lost income – among other remedies.

Our defective product lawyers are experienced, resourceful, and driven to help you get what’s yours. Our legal team has recovered over a billion dollars in compensation for clients in Kentucky and Tennessee, and we want to help you too.

It’s not safe to assume you have a claim without legal counsel on your side. To get started on the right track, be sure please call (859) 260-1722 to speak to a member of our Lexington team today. You can also fill out our contact form here to have someone from our team contact you.

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