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Pokemon Go: This is how we Play!

August 17 2016 | Blog
  • By the time you read this, downloads of Pokemon Go will likely have topped 30 million. Experts say that if the trend holds up, Pokemon Go should have more active users than Google Maps by mid-August.

    So it’s no surprise that you can count the staff at Hughes and Coleman among those Pokemon Trainers out chasing Wild Pokemon and tossing Pokeballs once the workday is done!

    How does H&C play Pokemon Go? Here are a few tips from our staff:

    • Don’t drive and Pokemon: This should go without saying, but doing anything on your phone while driving is incredibly dangerous. Grab a passenger so you can focus on driving.
    • Hunt Pokemon together: Playing with your friends and family is more fun, and helps keep you safe when you get caught up chasing that elusive MewTwo!
    • The more PokeStops, the Better: We’ve found several multi-PokeStop areas in large parking lots and parks. That means more tossing Pokeballs and less travel time.
    • Keep your head up: Pokemon Go is addictive, and the augmented reality is one of the biggest reasons why. However, is a Rattata really worth getting yourself hurt? Be sure you’re aware of streets, traffic and other potential dangers.

    One last thing: If you run across a cool and rare Pokemon, share the location with us on Facebook and Twitter! We promise to return the favor.

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