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    $205,000 Car Wreck Verdict Alert — Frieda Woolridge is a kind and generous person. She used joy in caring for others, and she took the love that she had and made a career of helping others in need.

    One day she when was taking care of Juanstar Cole, who is paralyzed, they were involved in a serious car crash. Keep reading to find out why Frieda and others in her situation need an experienced car accident attorney.


    On March 5, 2018, Ms. Woolridge was traveling in Nashville, TN. After coming to a complete stop at a 4-way stop sign, she continued through the intersection. Another driver then ran the stop sign and crashed right into her.

    Ms. Woolridge suffered catastrophic injuries that would forever change her life as a result of the driver’s negligence. She would never again be able to work in the job that she loved and had dedicated her life to.

    With medical bills piling up and no ability to earn an income, she knew that she needed an experienced auto accident attorney. So, she called Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers for a free case evaluation.


    After calling our law firm, an experienced personal injury lawyer went to work on her case immediately. No one ever wants to be involved in an accident, or file a lawsuit, but sometimes insurance adjusters just won’t make fair offers to settle a car accident claim.

    Most car accident claims can be settled out of court. But when settlement negotiations break down, and the insurance claims adjuster won’t compensate you for lost wages, medical expenses, or your pain and suffering damages, you need a passionate lawyer to file a lawsuit and fight for you in court. That is exactly what happened in this case.


    Our team quickly obtained medical records, coordinated medical treatment, and presented a demand letter to the insurance provider in an attempt to get the client fair compensation for her personal injury claim. Ms. Woolridge had, in fact suffered a rotator cuff tear. The insurance company NEVER made a settlement offer.


    What the insurance company did do was attempt to place the fault for the car accident on Ms. Woolridge. They simply refused to pay any money. While the car accident settlement process can be complicated, our team knew that in order to get fair compensation for the client, we had to go to court. On February 26, 2019 we began the process by filing a car accident lawsuit on behalf of Ms. Woolridge and Mr. Cole, who was also injured in the accident.


    Our team quickly gathered evidence, retained medical experts and got to work proving liability on the other driver. The Hughes & Coleman team knew that the evidence would show that fault for the wreck was on the shoulders of the other driver. The trial concluded with a verdict totaling $205,000. After ZERO offers!!


    If you’ve suffered injuries in a Tennessee car accident, you need a qualified car accident lawyer. There are many factors to consider when dealing with an insurance adjuster, or the other parties involved, but the attorney client relationship is one of the most important.

    Car wrecks can change your life. At Hughes and Coleman, a qualified legal professional can give you a free legal consultation and evaluation. We fight to obtain a fair settlement for you, and if the insurance company is going to play hardball, we know how to fight for you in court.


    Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers is located at 446 James Robertson Pkwy #100, Nashville, TN 37219. Our phone number is 800-800-4600. Call today for a free consultation on your car accident case. Control Starts with A Call!


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