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  • Kentucky Auto Insurance attorney

    What Do Different Auto Insurance Options Cover and Which Ones Do I Need to Have?

    August 31 2017 | Blog | No comment

    Most states, like Kentucky and Tennessee, require a basic auto insurance policy to protect victim’s right to coverage of medical […]

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  • Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney

    Kids Are Back in School – Here Are 5 Tips That Parents Everywhere Need to Read

    August 25 2017 | Blog | No comment

    Schools in Kentucky and Tennessee are either already in session or just ramping up for the first day of school. […]

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  • Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney

    Sudden Daytime Darkness, Distracted Drivers, Hoards of Traffic, and Counterfeit Viewing Glasses – Here’s What You Need to Know Before the Great American Eclipse.

    August 18 2017 | Blog | No comment

    A wave of excitement over the rare total solar eclipse sweeps the nation in the days and weeks leading up to […]

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  • Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney

    Busted! – 5 Personal Injury Lawsuit Myths That Everyone Needs to Stop Believing

    August 04 2017 | Blog | No comment

    Opinions abound – but what are the facts? In this article, we expose five misconceptions that can hinder a victim on […]

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  • Kentucky accidental Injury Attorney

    Your Smartphone Can Become an Invaluable Tool After an Accident – Here’s How. [Instructions]

    July 28 2017 | Blog | No comment

    Photographs and video recordings can be crucial to the successful resolution of a personal injury claim – if one knows […]

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  • Kentucky Personal Carnival Accidents Injury Attorney

    Carnival Accidents Largely Caused by Riders

    July 21 2017 | Blog | No comment

    Amusement park rides have good safety record but accidents can happen – what to do to avoid them Into safe […]

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  • Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney

    For Teen Driver Safety Raise the Driving Age… Or Lower it?

    July 07 2017 | Blog | No comment

      While some believe raising the driving age would lower teen-related car accidents, others advocate the complete opposite as the […]

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  • Driving Teaching Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney

    Teaching Your Teen Responsible Driving and Basic Vehicle Maintenance

    June 28 2017 | Blog | No comment

    Many young drivers are ill-prepared for the challenges of independent driving – but parents can help. Teenage drivers have it […]

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  • Kentucky Bus Accidental attorney

    Kentucky Bus Accident Injures 14 Students- Could Bus Driver be Held Liable for Negligence?

    June 16 2017 | Blog | No comment

    School bus driver liability – no easy answers What are the limits of school bus driver liability in an accident? […]

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  • Kentucky Dam Accidental Lawyers

    Pickwick Dam Accident

    June 09 2017 | Blog | No comment

      A boating incident with unclear causes leaves two dead More questions than answers Two Chester County residents, Casey Cox, […]

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