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Four Important Things to Remember to Prevent New Year’s Eve Accidents

December 29 2016 | Blog
  • The holiday season is nearing it’s end but most of us are finalizing exciting plans for the final celebration of the year, New Year’s Eve. While forming these plans, make sure that you keep in mind some important safety pointers. After all, as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes, January 1st is an extremely common time for car accidents — 54 percent of deaths on that day are related to drunk driving. []

    So, to keep you safe from intoxicated driving and other potential New Year’s Eve accidents, consider the following four safety recommendations:


    Be Wary on the Roads

    Even if you have not had a drop to drink, other drivers on December 31/January 1 can still greatly increase your risk of an auto accident. Drivers may be speeding, running stop signs, drifting into your lane and otherwise be doing their best to cause an accident as they wreak havoc on the roads.

    Try to protect yourself with the following practices:

    • Ensure everyone in the vehicle has their seatbelts fastened
    • Practice defensive driving:
    • Stop at yellow lights
    • Yield to people even when you have the right-of-way
    • Watch out for pedestrians; people will be jaywalking and stumbling off sidewalks

    Watch Your Footing

    This winter is predicted to be much chillier than last year’s rainy, El Niño-fraught one. As such, expect plenty of freezing rain and ice from now until March.

    • Consider wearing shoes with good traction instead of good style
    • Pay close attention to where you step for black ice
    • Remember alcohol affects balance and observation skills
    • Remind yourself and everyone in your group about the risks of slipping

    Designate a Driver, Or Expect to Wait on a Cab
    Even when adding Uber to the equation, there are usually far less taxicabs available at a given time on New Year’s Eve than there are people wanting to use them. Prepare in advance by having a safe place to hang out while you wait for cab requests to calm down, such as at a diner, or scheduling your Uber hours in advance.

    Or, realize that having a designated driver means a much better chance of getting everyone home safe and at their preferred time. You can draw straws and pool money between the group to make things fair and worth the driver’s time.


    You Can Start Your Resolutions Early

    Many people resolve to drink less in the New Year and compensate by going all out on New Year’s Eve. By the same token, many people wake up the next day feeling like their revelries were not worth the headaches and queasiness.

    Make turning a new leaf easier by starting to drink less on New Year’s Eve

    • Limit yourself to one drink per hour
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Consider not drinking at all to be a designated driver (and resident hero-for-a-day)


    Stay Safe to Avoid New Year’s Eve Accidents, and Remember You Can Have a Personal Injury Lawyer at Your Side

    Even with these precautions, you could still somehow get injured this New Year’s Eve. Whether it’s a slip-and-fall at a business or being hit by a drunk driver at two in the morning, you have a right to pursue compensation for your injury from all liable parties.

    Exercise this right by seeking representation from an experienced Bowling Green personal injury attorney team. You can use the contact number above or the simple, convenient form to the right to submit your case details and receive a free case evaluation.

    Stay safe, and have a Happy New Year!

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