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Halloween – A Day to be Scary Safe!

October 27 2022 | Personal Injury Lawyer Blog
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    Halloween is celebrated all across the country each year. People gather in the streets, going house to house, trick-or-treating and celebrating with friends. Although the festivities come with a lot of fun, there is also a lot of danger associated with the holiday.

    Driving on our busy roadways can be dangerous on any holiday, but the increase of foot and vehicle traffic on Halloween makes it even scarier than most.

    Although car wrecks happen daily, the chaos of Halloween can sometimes create subconscious distractions for all drivers. It is important to be hyper-aware of your surroundings on this day, as there is a lot going on and there are more people on the streets, driving and walking. Halloween can also be a long day for some families and drivers. Parents may have to wake up earlier the get their kids costume-ready for school, then school and work Halloween parties, and Trick-or-Treating afterwards. It’s inevitable that by the end of the night, there are going to be some drowsy drivers on the streets.

    In addition to drowsy driving, drunk driving has been a consistent danger on Halloween over the last decade. We know drunk driving is bad and should be avoided at all costs, but did you know that drowsy driving can be just as dangerous? The Sleep Foundation posted an article about drowsy driving in comparison to drunk driving. Although the two are different, they impair similar skills needed to drive. Impaired judgement, decision-making, attention, and reaction-time are just a few of the similar effects that drowsy driving and drunk driving have. Please be sure to be well-rested and sober before getting behind the wheel this year.

    With all of the spooky and exciting events happening on Halloween, it’s no shock that there is typically an increase in accidents. In fact, our team at Hughes & Coleman successfully represented a client who was involved in a car accident on Halloween last year. On October 31st, 2021, our client was traveling home after Trick-or-Treating with her two kids and was struck head-on by another driver who drifted into her lane. The Plaintiff, her two kids, and the woman who hit them were all transported to the hospital and treated for their injuries. When assessing the collision, it was determined that the causes of the wreck were distraction, inattention, and from the defendant not being under proper control of her vehicle. No alcohol was involved.

    Halloween and all of the festivities that accompany it can be fun, but it can also be very dangerous. Our team at Hughes & Coleman wants members of our community to enjoy celebrating the holiday, but we also want to make you aware of the dangers and encourage you to stay safe. Be aware of your surroundings, whether you’re walking or driving, and be sure to remain cautious while driving on our roadways. We care about our community and those who are part of it, so have a great time and stay safe!

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