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Black Friday Red Flags – Avoiding Injury during Peak Shopping Season

November 03 2022 | Personal Injury Lawyer Blog
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    The holiday season is a time for bringing loved ones together, but it can also bring out the worst in those shopping for deals. Headlines in the aftermath of Black Friday paint a grim picture – brawls, gunfire, injury and even death have been attributed to rowdy Black Friday crowds. In all the madness, a serious injury caused by negligence cannot be ruled out. Below are just a few hazards to look out for and ways you can avoid them if you’ll be braving the madness this Black Friday.


    Discounts on Black Friday attract a mass amount of shoppers, and a crowd can sometimes be deadly. Unsuspecting victims have been trampled to death due to Black Friday crowds in the past. While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of shopping, make sure to put some distance between yourself and large groups, especially at the front entrances of stores. If you’re in a crowded room, note where the emergency exits are and have an escape route if things get too chaotic. A good deal on holiday gifts is great, but take a moment to consider if that discounted flat screen is truly worth your life.

    Slipping/Tripping Hazards

    In the chaos of the holiday hustle and bustle, hazards in a store can be easily overlooked. Frenzied shoppers often carelessly throw merchandise on the ground in their haste to find specific items they want as quickly as possible. With many businesses facing staffing shortages, spills and tripping hazards may go unnoticed and not be taken care of and can cause slip and falls. Be vigilant, and watch where you’re walking!

    Driving Dangers

    On Black Friday, and during the holiday season in general, expect more traffic on the roads and more car accidents. Shoppers on Black Friday have been known to drive aggressively and unpredictably, all in the name of getting a good deal or a good parking spot. Drive defensively – slow down and avoid distractions. Also, watch carefully for pedestrians running from store to store, and especially be vigilant in busy parking lots.

    In summary, don’t be a Black Friday red flag. Keep a level head, get items you need, and if you miss out on a deal, stay calm. Studies show Black Friday deals aren’t always that great, anyway. By refusing to contribute to the chaos, you’ll help keep yourself and those around you safe this shopping season.

    Visit our Retail Store Liability page for additional information. If you or a loved one gets injured this holiday season while shopping in a retail store, give us a call. We will take over your case so that you can focus on your recovery. Control starts with a call, 800-800-4600.

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