May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May 08 2023 | Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
  • Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and as injury attorneys, our team has a better understanding than most of how devastating a motorcycle injury can be. Hughes & Coleman attorney Andrew Gregory-Mabrey, who rides a motorcycle himself, has represented clients injured in motorcycle wrecks and helped them obtain the compensation they deserve. As a rider, Andrew understands the feeling of freedom that comes with a motorcycle, but as a personal injury attorney, he’s also acutely aware of the dangers motorcyclists face on the road.

    “As you can imagine, when a half-ton motorcycle is struck by a 3.5 ton vehicle, the car is going to win every time, and the person riding the motorcycle is going to pay the highest price of that impact,” says Andrew. And the studies agree – being a motorcycle rider today is significantly more dangerous than even ten years ago. Due to the rise in distracted driving, smart phone usage behind the wheel, and the increasing size of passenger vehicles, motorcycle accident fatalities have increased 20% in the last decade.

    A motorcycle wreck involving a larger vehicle can spell disaster for a rider. Even when motorcyclists follow all recommended safety precautions – wearing a helmet, gloves, and protective gear, following the speed limit and traffic laws, and wearing bright and reflective clothing to be visible to other motorists – the sheer impact of a vehicle colliding with a motorcycle can still cause severe injuries. “Most motorcycle collision clients incur tens of thousands in medical bills and endure long recovery times where they could be forced to miss extended periods of work,” Andrew says. “This situation could and often does spell financial ruin for a lot of folks simply because there isn’t enough insurance coverage available to pay for all of the damages.”

    There’s no denying that operating a motorcycle comes with risks, but the question remains – what can be done to keep riders safer on the road? Some of that responsibility lies with other motorists. Drivers of passenger and commercial vehicles have a duty to drive responsibly and avoid reckless behavior. Here are a few tips you can take while behind the wheel to prevent harming a motorcyclist:


    Motorcycles can be difficult to spot and can hide in your blind spots. Check carefully before changing lanes, merging, or entering an intersection.


    According to the CDC, over 3,100 people were killed and about 424,000 were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver in 2019. While many distracted driving crashes involve cell phone use, they can also be caused when a driver is eating or drinking behind the wheel, changing the radio, or attempting to care for children or pets in the back seat. If it’s a task that can’t wait, pull over. Otherwise, stay focused on the road and avoid any distractions.


    Due to their size, determining the speed and distance of an oncoming motorcycle can be difficult. Exercise extreme caution before pulling out in front of a motorcyclist. Give riders plenty of room when following behind them in traffic, as it may not always be obvious when they’re slowing down.

    Aside from the basic measures motorcyclists can take to ensure their own safety, riders can also take an extra step towards protecting themselves by having ample insurance coverage. Attorney Andrew Gregory-Mabrey points out the overwhelming obstacles underinsured motorcyclists face after a wreck. “Having adequate insurance coverage is a MUST for any motorcyclist. I’ve have so many clients that have been injured by a vehicle with either minimum limits – $25,000 – or no insurance at all, and their recoveries have been severely hampered because of that.”

    Regardless of whether you ride a motorcycle or not, there are steps we can all take to make our roads safer. By driving sober, avoiding distractions, following traffic laws, and having adequate insurance coverage, you can protect yourself and others from catastrophe. Celebrate Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month the best way you can – by doing your part to make sure a motorcyclist gets home safely!

    Read Motorcycle Accidents – Be a Safe Rider This Spring – Part I & Motorcycle Accidents – Be a Safe Rider This Spring – Part II for additional tips on how motorcyclists can stay safe on the roads this season.

    If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle wreck, contact our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers today. Get Hughes & Coleman and Get it Done.

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