What NOT To Do After a Car Accident in Nashville, TN

March 29 2022 | Car Accident Lawyer Blog, Nashville Car Accident Lawyer Blog
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    Nashville, Tennessee, is a fun and active place. Music City is always buzzing with activities for locals, not just tourists, and our roads are always busy.

    Nashville and Davidson County are home to many vehicles of all sizes. Every day, as the number of vehicles on the roadways grows, so does the risk of serious car wrecks related to them.

    Prevent yourself from becoming a statistic by avoiding some of the common mistakes of car accident victims. If you or anyone you know is involved in an accident and suffers an injury, you must make correct and careful decisions so the justice system can work in your favor. Otherwise, you could end up in debt while being held legally liable for the entire incident.

    Inevitably, a car accident will happen to you or someone close to you. Every car wreck victim needs to know how to act following a car accident and how a Nashville car accident lawyer can help. Failure to do so can lead to issues not being resolved. The following are 10 common mistakes we believe car accident victims make.

    1. Not Calling the Police or Highway Patrol to Investigate the Accident

    Drivers should report personal injury accidents to the police. Their report is required to determine evidence, potential witnesses, the cause, and who is to blame. Remember that the presence of the police is not legally required at the accident scene, but that it is highly encouraged.

    2. Not Gathering Evidence or Witnesses’ Contact Information

    It’s critical to take pictures and gather as much evidence as possible after a car accident. In addition, you need to obtain the contact information of any witnesses and anyone involved in the accident. If you forget to do it, the insurance company will be able to present a version of the incident in which you were partially, if not entirely, to blame for what happened.

    3. Not Obtaining a Crash Report in Nashville, TN

    The process of obtaining a Nashville crash report after an accident in Tennessee can be complex, even when a report is filed promptly with a law enforcement agency.

    If you filed your crash report with the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD), you would need to fill out an Open Records Request Form and email the completed form to MNPD’s Public Records Request Coordinator. Reports sent via email take less than one hour to complete and are free, but fees are determined according to the Mayor’s Executive Order No. 35.

    Drivers, owners, passengers, or legal teams can obtain a copy of a crash report when the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) performs the collision investigation. The reports are available at the THP District Office approximately seven days after the crash date. They can also be obtained through the mail or by visiting the office in person.

    • Reports from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department can be obtained by visiting CrashDocs.org. You will need the following information:
    • Report or Reference Number
    • Name(s) of Drivers Involved
    • Date of Crash

    Our personal injury lawyers can help you obtain the police report you filed for your accident and ensure that the information is correct. If you call (800) 800-4600 or contact us online, you can get a free consultation for your personal injury claim with a member of our legal team.

    4. Not Seeking Immediate Medical Assistance

    Even if you feel normal after the incident, seek medical advice or wait for paramedics to assess you for possible injuries. Remember that your body produces a shot of adrenaline during stressful incidents like this that can make injuries less noticeable in the moment. After an accident, symptoms can appear hours, days, or even weeks later.

    5. Not Being Honest About Your Condition

    When visiting a doctor, it is critical to be completely honest. You should be open about exactly how you’re feeling. Any discomfort, pain, or health differences that have resulted from the accident must be disclosed to get an accurate diagnosis.

    6. Skipping Your Medical Appointments

    Even if you feel better or the treatment isn’t working, it’s crucial to keep all of your medical appointments. If you miss or skip appointments, you are jeopardizing your recovery as well as your injury claim. If you skip your medical appointments, the insurance company could also argue that your injury isn’t as severe as you claim and will attempt to reduce the amount of compensation you receive.

    7. Discussing Your Case with the Other Party’s Insurance Company

    Speaking with the insurance company of the other driver involved in the accident will only hurt your case. Remember that the insurance adjusters will act as if they are on your side to get the best deal for their client and, of course, their finances. They never work out in your favor.

    Before speaking with an experienced car accident lawyer, seek medical treatment right away to have a doctor evaluate your injuries and provide you with a thorough diagnosis. Allow your Nashville car accident attorney to deal with the insurance companies on your behalf.

    8. Not Filing Your Claim Sooner

    Tennessee usually allows you to file a lawsuit for one year after any vehicle accident. When an accident involves a fatality, there is generally only one year left to sue on behalf of the victim’s estate and family. If you don’t file your claim before the statute of limitations runs out, you won’t be able to pursue it. An experienced car accident lawyer can help keep your case on a strict schedule to ensure you don’t have issues like this.

    9. Not Hiring an Expert Personal Injury Lawyer

    You wouldn’t want to go through a legal process without the assistance of a car accident lawyer. The chances of obtaining higher compensation are increased when you have an experienced Nashville personal injury lawyer on your side.

    These car accident attorneys will communicate on your behalf, bolstering your case. Call Hughes and Coleman Injury Lawyers for a free consultation and review of your car accident claim – 800-800-4600.

    10. Settling Too Soon

    We understand that after being involved in a car accident, you need to get compensation as quickly as possible. During difficult times, people are more likely to be anxious. You should, however, wait until an experienced Nashville personal injury lawyer completes a thorough investigation and negotiates a fair settlement with the insurance company. Settling too soon can drastically decrease the amount of compensation you receive.

    How Our Accident Attorneys Can Help

    If you accept the first offer from the insurance company, you will almost certainly receive a poor and unfair settlement.

    Trust us when we say that we understand how important it is for you to receive compensation. Keep in mind that our Nashville personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means we don’t get paid until you do. We will never settle for less than you are entitled to.

    Remember that Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers is here to help. Call us today at 800-800-4600. We offer free case consultations and can help you through this challenging time.


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