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5 Things We at Hughes & Coleman Are Thankful For

November 22 2016 | Blog
  • It is practically impossible to be cynical about the values Thanksgiving encourages us to share. After all, even Nashville personal injury attorneys could use some more time around friends and family while reflecting on the things we tend to take for granted. Having a giant mess of roast turkey, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes never hurts our enthusiasm, either!

    So, in the spirit of one of our personal favorite holidays, the staff at Hughes & Coleman gathered around to discuss the things that we are thankful the most as a business. Here are the top five we came up with:

    Our Amazing Clients

    No, it is not a cliche to say you are thankful for your clients. Not only do they give us the business we need to keep the lights on, but they also consistently surprise us with the level of love and care they demonstrate with each case. Whether fighting for environmental justice for the sake of their community or hoping to recuperate as a family from the devastating effects of their newborn’s birth injuries, they always teach us about compassion and putting your values first.


    Our Fantastic Team

    Even though we work together every day, every case feels exciting, fresh and new thanks to the enthusiasm and dedicated professionalism it takes to see them through to the end. Rest assured that, although our trial lawyers are amazingly skilled, they could never find the level of success we enjoy without people in the back office rigorously searching through thick books of statutes and case law.

    From the people whose names grace our sign to the people who remember to toss out the old coffee filter before making a fresh pot, each contribution matters.


    Being Part of the Kentucky and Tennessee Communities

    You do not have to be William Faulkner to see the beauty and poetry of everyday life in the South. Between the peaceful river walks along Bowling Green’s Barren River covered in Kentucky bluegrass to the historic venues of Nashville, we take great pleasure in soaking up the local flavor with each passing day.


    The Professional Recognition of Our Partners

    Working hard is always its own reward, but getting honored for your efforts can be that much more satisfying. The recognition of organizations like Super Lawyers and Million Dollar Advocates show a high level of respect from clients, peers and within the communities we strive to improve with each successful case.


    Making a Tangible Difference in the Lives of our Clients

    As mentioned before, the cases we take on mean so much more to clients than merely having their day in court. Between helping people get workers’ compensation, shielding clients from the costs of dangerous medical malpractice and more, we have helped people settle thousands of cases and recover millions of dollars in total damages over the years.


    Join Our Nashville Personal Injury Attorneys in Giving Thanks

    If you are a past client or someone touched by our services, we would love to hear from you about what you are thankful for in relation to these five blessings.

    Additionally, you may wish to secure representation from the experienced Tennessee and Kentucky personal injury attorneys that form the backbone of our team. You can contact us using the toll free number above or the convenient online form to the side to start your case today and become a member of the Hughes & Coleman extended family for life.

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