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November 8th – Election Day Tips

November 08 2022 | Personal Injury Lawyer Blog
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    As people all across the country gather at polling locations to cast their vote, our personal injury lawyer team wanted to provide a few tips and resources to help make the process simple for our communities.

    Where can I vote?

    If you are registered to vote in Kentucky, you can look up the available polling locations on Kentucky’s site HERE.

    If you are registered to vote in Tennessee, the available polling locations can be found HERE.

    What do I need to bring with me?

    For both Kentucky and Tennessee, a photo ID is required to cast your vote.

    Acceptable forms in Kentucky include your driver’s license, military ID, college ID, or Kentucky government ID. If you cannot obtain one of those forms, you may sign a ‘Reasonable Impediment Declaration’ and present one of the following:

    • Your social security card
    • An ID issued by a county in KY that has your name on it and has been approved by the State Board of Elections
    • Any ID card with your picture and name
    • A food stamp ID card, electronic benefit transfer card, or supplemental nutrition assistance card issued by KY that has your name on it
    • A credit or debit card that shows your name

    Acceptable forms in Tennessee include your driver’s license, passport, military ID, Tennessee handgun permit with your photo on it, a photo ID issued by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, or a photo ID issued by the federal or Tennessee state government. College student IDs are NOT accepted as a valid form in Tennessee.

    If you are unable to provide any of the above for Kentucky and Tennessee, you will be able to vote on a provisional ballot, and will need to return to the election commission office with a valid form within 2 days of Election Day.

    Our team at Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers encourages our whole community to get out and vote, as every vote counts!

    For more information about Kentucky voting, please visit Kentucky’s website.

    For more information about Tennessee voting, please visit Tennessee’s website.

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