How To Get a Police Report After a Car Accident in Bowling Green, KY

November 27 2023 | Bowling Green Car Accident Lawyer Blog
  • How to get a police report after a car accident in Bowling Green, KY

    To obtain a police report after an accident in Bowling Green, KY, a report can be obtained in person at the Bowling Green Police Department, online through LexisNexis for $10, or by mail for a fee of $3 per copy. If your accident report was filed through the Kentucky State Police, you can obtain a copy by mail. It will take up to 3 business days for your request to process.





    Table of contents

    How to obtain a Bowling Green crash report in person

    How to get a Bowling Green crash report online

    How to request your Bowling Green Police report by mail

    Get a collision report from the Kentucky State Police

    Should I file a police report after a car accident?

    Do I need to file a police report in Bowling Green?

    How many days do I have to file a police report after a car crash?

    What happens if I don’t file a police report after a crash?

    What if there are mistakes in the police report?

    How long does a police report take in Bowling Green?

    Does the police report say who was at fault?

    Let a Bowling Green car accident lawyer from our firm get your police report for you




    Obtaining a Bowling Green crash report in person

    To obtain a report in person, visit the Bowling Green Police Department located at 911 Kentucky Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101, between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The office is closed on weekends and holidays.

    Gary A. Raymer Police Headquarters in Bowling Green, KY

    Image Source: Google Maps


    Once inside the building, visit the Central Records Unit and pay the $3 fee to obtain your report.


    Obtaining a Bowling Green crash report online

    To receive a police report online, visit BuyCrash. This is the system utilized by the Bowling Green Police Department to allow involved individuals to search for and obtain their reports.

    On BuyCrash, you will use “Bowling Green Police” as the jurisdiction to find your report. Search “Kentucky” as the state, then search “Bowling Green Police” and hit “Start Search.”

    Bowling Green Police Report BuyCrash

    You will then be prompted to provide a few pieces of additional information, including:

    • Last name
    • Date of Incident


    You will also need to provide at least one of the following:

    • The report number
    • The badge number of the officer who submitted the report
    • Or your driver’s license number


    Once the form is completed, you will pay the $10 fee and receive access to the report.


    Requesting your Bowling Green Police report by mail

    You can mail a request to the Bowling Green Police Department to obtain your police report. Within your request, be sure to include the following information in a self-addressed and stamped envelope:

    • Your report number
    • Your name
    • Date of the incident
    • Location of the crash
    • A copy of your driver’s license
    • The $3 fee payment


    Persons authorized to receive copies of an accident collision report include:

    • Involved Person
    • Parents of Involved Juveniles
    • Insurance Companies of Involved Persons
    • Authorized Legal Representation of Involved Party with Written Authorization, including a personal injury lawyer


    After making the request, please allow five to eight working days to receive your report.


    How to submit or request a copy of your collision report from the Kentucky State Police

    If your accident transpired on a Kentucky state highway, it is necessary to go through the Kentucky State Police for the submission or retrieval of a report. If law enforcement came to the scene and filled out a report, you do not need to submit one. You can obtain a copy by visiting the Kentucky State Police website.


    How to submit a collision report though the Kentucky State Police online

    Visit the Kentucky State Police website to file a Kentucky State Police Online Collision Report.


    You will be required to provide information:

    • Location of the crash, including exact location, as well as the city of collision (Bowling Green) and the county (Warren County)
    • Roadway information (conditions of the road where the accident happened)
    • Any additional contributing factors that lead to the crash
    • Property damage, including any non-vehicle property damage
    • Unit and which law enforcement agency reported the crash
    • Your narrative of events
    • A diagram of the crash, which includes contributing factors
    • And a summary of events in your own words


    How to submit a Kentucky State Police report by mail

    If you choose to send your report by mail, submit the Civilian Traffic Collision Report Form (PDF). Make two copies before sending so that you can keep one copy for your records, and send the form to:


    Kentucky State Police Records

    Attn: Crash

    1266 Louisville Road

    Frankfort, KY 40601


    You will be asked to provide specific information about the crash. For example, if you were sideswiped, involved in a T-bone or side impact crash, if you were rear-ended, a hit and run, or other types of crashes. You’ll also need to provide additional basic information and a diagram of how the collision occurred. If you documented the accident scene, you can reference any photos or videos you may have taken to complete the diagram.


    Only send the form. All other items will not be accepted and will be destroyed.


    Why you should file a police report after an auto accident

    In numerous cases, law enforcement may not be present at a motor vehicle accident site. If you are in a car accident without police intervention, taking the initiative and creating a report on your own is advisable. In certain circumstances, there may be a legal obligation to do so.

    Generating an official accident report ensures that the incident is documented through appropriate channels. This documentation is important for your insurance company, and for a Bowling Green car accident lawyer to support you in seeking compensation from the insurance company. This compensation may cover various expenses, including medical costs, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, or any other damages incurred due to the other driver’s actions.


    Are car crash reports required in Bowling Green?

    In Bowling Green, as of 2024, according to KRS 189.635(4), you must adhere to Kentucky state law, which mandates that you file a collision report if:

    • The accident resulted in property damage exceeding $500.
    • The accident led to personal injury or death for any involved party.
    • The police did not already investigate the accident at the scene.


    A law enforcement officer will typically arrive at the scene if it’s a serious accident. If an officer completes an accident report there, you don’t need to submit a report yourself. However, if the police don’t show up at the scene, it’s your responsibility to file the report online.


    How many days do I have to file a police report after a car crash?

    In Kentucky, you must file a report within ten (10) days of the crash if the accident resulted in property damage of $500 or more, if the crash led to a personal injury or death for any party involved, or if the police did not investigate the collision at the scene.


    What happens if I don’t file a police report after a crash?

    In Kentucky, delaying the reporting of an accident may lead to fines ranging from $20 to $100. Similar penalties apply if you neglect to submit a necessary written accident report.

    Beyond the monetary consequences, the failure to file a report following an accident can substantially impact your ability to pursue a personal injury claim and obtain compensation for injuries resulting from another party’s negligence. The report serves as a vital document that can significantly influence insurance determinations. It is strongly recommended to ensure the filing of a police report to safeguard your right to compensation in a car accident claim.


    What if there are mistakes in the police report?

    Maintaining a precise record of a car accident is essential. While your personal documentation of the scene holds significance, an official report from authorities offers an unbiased narrative of contributing factors. This serves as a safeguard against unfounded claims and insurance conflicts. The report guarantees that your perspective is considered. A personal injury law firm can also gather additional evidence to substantiate and support your claim.

    If the report contains inaccuracies, you can request corrections from the agency responsible for its recording.


    How long does a police report take in Bowling Green?

    Collision reports filed through the Bowling Green Police Department are accessible five to eight days after the report is submitted. Only individuals directly involved in the incident, the insurance company of the involved individual, parents of involved juveniles, or attorneys authorized by a party involved are eligible to receive the report.

    For those seeking their report, BuyCrash can offer a notification service to alert you when it becomes available.

    To locate an accident report, you will need:

    • Your report number
    • The report date
    • Driver’s last name or owner’s last name


    If you are unaware of your report number, you can contact the Bowling Green Police Department and request them to provide it.


    Will the police report state who was at fault?

    A police report usually does not expressly indicate fault in an accident. Assigning fault is typically the duty of insurance companies, legal professionals, or, in certain instances, the courts. They depend on the details provided in the police report, along with additional evidence and statements, to establish fault or liability. While the police report is a vital piece of evidence in this process, it does not definitively determine fault.


    We can obtain your Bowling Green car accident report for you

    In the event of a car accident injury, reach out to Hughes & Coleman. We can obtain your accident report and optimize your compensation for injuries caused by a negligent driver. Our services include complimentary case evaluations, and we operate on a contingency fee basis. You won’t incur any charges if we fail to recover compensation on your behalf.


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