Does the Louisville Police Respond to Car Accidents?

November 29 2022 | Auto Accidents, Louisville Car Accident Lawyer Blog
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    If you have been involved in a car accident in Louisville in the last few years, you probably called the Louisville Metro Police Department and expected them to show up. However, the LMPD issued an order in 2020 no longer requiring them to respond to any calls regarding non-injury car wrecks, burglaries, and/or thefts. This order was issued in an attempt to reduce the spread of Covid starting in March of 2020.

    Public forced to self-report collisions

    Since the LMPD was no longer required to respond to calls about car accidents, the public was forced to step in on reporting. If you were within Louisville city limits and were involved in a car wreck, you were required by law to call and report the accident along with all of its details, including what happened, how it happened, and other personal information about those involved. Although a report was still being filed, the experience and expertise of a police officer reporting on the scene was absent.

    Prior to the change, the LMPD would respond to all auto accidents in which they received a call. When they arrived on the scene, an officer would check for injuries and dispatch medical services if needed, gather the information of each person involved, and then investigate the scene. They would also discuss the accident with any individuals who witnessed the scene and take down their contact information as well. After all information was gathered, the responding officer would complete a police report.

    Although some police officers claim that they don’t establish which vehicle is at fault, they in part do, as there are sections on the police report in which they indirectly show fault. On the police report, the officer is required to provide a narrative/summary of the accident, based on their findings, and list any apparent contributing factors. Although they don’t have to directly establish fault, the story of the accident typically provides insight as to who is responsible.

    The officer’s opinion on the police report is typically used as evidence in auto accident cases to establish liability, which goes a long way in the claim process. The police report is a vital piece of evidence in every auto accident case. The absence of this report can help insurance companies justify giving you a smaller settlement, as they could claim it isn’t clear who was negligent.

    Even though the reports were still being filed, the lack of experienced police officers who understood what to look for at the scene of wrecks made it difficult for some people to resolve the conflict. As everyone knows, there are two sides to every story. When the report was completed by those two sides, rather than a third-party, inconsistencies were the result.

    Back to normal

    As of November 1st, the LMPD, along with other Kentucky PDs, issued a press release stating that they will resume responding to car crashes, burglaries, and/or thefts of $10,000 or more. This decision was said to be made due to the decrease in Covid-19 cases, as they wanted to get back to their normal routine pre-pandemic.

    A former officer of the Louisville Metro Police, Metro Councilmember Mark Fox, stated that officers are glad about this change as they have missed out on valuable face time with everyday Louisville individuals. They are also glad to be back helping with each car crash, as they understand how scary it was for the people involved when they didn’t show up. “It’s something they, they’ve never experienced before, and they need someone there to protect them, protect them physically, and protect their interest and look out what’s for what’s best for them, until mom and dad can get there,” Fox stated. (Louisville Metro Police working to increase minority hiring | whas11.com)

    In addition to the assistance they will bring to Louisville drivers involved in a crash, this will also allow for more in-depth investigations of the scene and access to unbiased information in the police report helping injured victims show which driver was at-fault. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion and delays when trying to submit a claim to the insurance company. Even though police reports were available throughout the pandemic, the detailed information going into the investigation should now be similar to how it was prior to the change – maybe even better.

    If you’ve been in a car accident and are injured, we’re here for you. Give us a call at 800-800-4600 to complete a no-obligation, completely free consultation. We are available 24/7 to speak with you.

    Control starts with a call.

    Steps to take when you are in a car accident in Louisville, KY

    • Call 911.
    • Relay all injuries and pain you are feeling to the investigating officer and any medical professionals.
    • If you suspect you were hit by a drunk driver in Louisville, inform the authorities of your suspicions.
    • Take pictures of the scene, including road conditions, traffic signs, injuries and property damage.
      • The LMPD typically does a good job of gathering the information needed such as vehicle damage or evidence on the street, but they don’t always get photos for every report.
    • Get a Louisville police report after a car accident. It will provide valuable information for your personal injury claim.
    • Gather contact information of the other party and any witnesses.
    • Call an experienced, local Louisville car accident attorney to receive legal help. Louisville Kentucky personal injury lawyers can help you recover maximum compensation for your injuries.

    A Louisville Kentucky personal injury lawyer will use the evidence you collect

    Taking pictures of all above elements documents your accident claim against the insurance company and will help provide corroborating evidence of the severity of the impact. We have to prove your claim with evidence. The crash itself is typically the first step in a continued process of fighting the insurance company to get you what you deserve. With Louisville Metro Police completing police reports again, we will use that and any images you provide as evidence in your case. The more evidence, the better, as we will have a higher chance of proving your claim.

    In addition, if you receive any medical treatment or treatment plans, make sure to continue your treatment until your health care provider releases you from your treatment plan and send us all medical records. If you stop attending medical appointments or skip treatments, the insurance company could argue that you weren’t actually as injured as stated. Take care of yourself, while we take care of your claim.

    If you were or are involved in a car accident in Louisville, call now, 800-800-4600.

    Get It Done

    Time is of the essence. The quicker you contact an experienced auto accident attorney, the quicker we can get to work on your case. A Louisville car accident lawyer from our firm will gather all evidence and begin our investigation right away. Insurance claims after a car crash usually require strict timelines. In Kentucky, you only have two years after the incident to file your claim.

    We are glad to have the LMPD back on the street. Their knowledge and experience with Louisville roads and accidents will be an asset to our claim processes.

    If you’re injured in a Louisville car wreck, call the LMPD to assist you, then call us to take care of your case. We help injured people and their families – 800-800-4600.

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