Major Interstates in Tennessee

December 19 2023 | Car Accident Lawyer Blog
  • Major Interstates that run through Tennessee

    Tennessee’s Interstate Highways are part of the Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways, overseen and managed by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). As of 2023, the state maintains 1,233 miles of Interstate Highways.

    These interstates are essential  to Tennessee residents and visitors alike. They connect many of the state’s major cities and rural areas and play an important part in commerce and commutes. As experienced car accident lawyers, our attorneys also know that these roads can be especially dangerous given the high speeds at which vehicles travel. Understanding how these interstates are connected can be helpful as you navigate Tennessee’s roadways.

    If you’ve been injured in a wreck on an interstate in Tennessee, our team is here for you. We represent victims across the entire state and have offices in Nashville, Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Columbia, and Gallatin.


    The Big Four: Tennessee’s Major Interstates

    Interstates in Tennessee come with their own set of challenges and considerations. Let’s dive into the four major players:


    Interstate 40 (455.28 miles)

    The undisputed king, I-40, links Memphis and Knoxville, serving as a vital east-west corridor. Expect high traffic volumes, especially around major cities, and be mindful of sudden lane changes and merging trucks.


    Interstate 65 (121.71 miles)

    Running north-south from Nashville to the Alabama border, I-65 is another high-traffic artery. Construction zones and frequent lane changes are par for the course, so maintain vigilance and keep a safe distance to avoid rear-end collisions or multi-vehicle pileups.


    Interstate 24 (316.36 miles)

    This east-west highway connects Chattanooga to Nashville while crossing through Clarksville and Murfreesboro along the way. I-24 offers stunning mountain views alongside rolling farmland. However, weather conditions can change rapidly, so adjust your speed and be prepared for potential hazards.


    Interstate 75 (105.96 miles within Tennessee)

    Running north-south through Knoxville and Chattanooga, I-75 caters to both city dwellers and nature enthusiasts. Watch out for merging traffic from smaller highways and navigate curves cautiously to avoid runoffs or sideswipe crashes.


    Other Notable Interstates


    Interstate 81 (75.66 miles)

    I-81 spans across 75.66 miles within Tennessee, beginning its route in Dandridge and ending at the state line of Virginia. The highway runs alongside the Appalachian Mountains for most of its Tennessee stretch before extending into Virginia.


    Interstate 26 (54.5 miles)

    I-26, among the shorter interstates in Tennessee, covers a distance of only 54.5 miles within the state. It begins its route in Kingsport and concludes at the North Carolina state line.


    Interstate 55 (12.28 miles)

    I-55 holds the title as the shortest interstate in Tennessee, stretching merely 12.28 miles. Its path starts at the state’s southwestern edge along the Mississippi border, traveling northwest until reaching the Arkansas state line. This vital interstate plays a significant role in serving the city of Memphis, serving as a major thoroughfare.


    Tennessee Auxiliary Interstates

    Auxiliary interstates, also known as three-digit interstates, are shorter highway routes that supplement the main interstate system within a state. They play a crucial role in:

    • Connecting communities: Auxiliary interstates often bypass city centers or link them to surrounding highways, providing smoother commutes and easing traffic congestion.
    • Providing shortcuts: These shorter routes can offer time savings compared to taking the main interstate, especially when navigating through a specific area.
    • Enhancing accessibility: Certain auxiliary interstates connect smaller towns and rural areas to the main interstate network, improving their integration into the state’s transportation system.

    Tennessee’s network of auxiliary interstates may be shorter than their mainline counterparts, but they play a crucial role in connecting communities and easing traffic flow within the state. Here’s a rundown of the auxiliary interstates that serve Tennessee drivers:

    I-124 in Chattanooga: This 3.2-mile spur route provides a western bypass of downtown Chattanooga, connecting I-75 with I-24.

    I-140 in Knoxville and Alcoa: Known as the Pellissippi Parkway, this 18.3-mile route serves as a northern bypass of Knoxville and connects I-40 with I-81.

    I-155 in Dyersburg: This 26.8-mile route connects Dyersburg with I-55 in Missouri, serving as the only direct interstate link between the two states.

    I-240 in Memphis: This 9.2-mile loop route encircles downtown Memphis, offering a convenient alternative to navigating the city’s busy streets.

    I-275 in Knoxville: This 11.6-mile loop route provides a southern bypass of Knoxville, connecting I-40 with I-640.

    I-440 in Nashville: This 6.2-mile connector route links I-24 with I-65 in Nashville, easing traffic flow through the state capital.

    I-640 in Knoxville: This 25.1-mile loop route forms part of the western bypass of Knoxville, connecting I-40 with I-75.

    I-840 in Nashville: This 77.3-mile outer bypass route encircles much of Nashville, providing a high-speed alternative to congested city streets.

    These auxiliary interstates may not stretch for hundreds of miles, but they’re valuable arteries within Tennessee’s transportation system. Whether you’re a local commuter or just passing through, knowing your way around these helpful highways can make your Tennessee travels smoother and more efficient.


    Annual Highway Fatalities Are Alarming

    According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, in 2022, there were 2,153 rural interstate fatalities and 3,637 urban interstate fatalities. These roads can be deadly, given the high speeds and sometimes dangerous conditions.


    Common Causes of Car Accidents on Tennessee Interstates

    There can be many contributing factors to interstate injury collisions. Some of the most common causes that auto accident attorneys help with include:


    Common Car Wreck Injuries from Tennessee Interstate Crashes

    Highway injuries can be devastating and can include whiplash, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), broken bones, lacerations, internal injuries, severed limbs, and even wrongful death.


    What to do after an Interstate collision in Tennessee


    In this video, attorney and Founding Partner, Lee Coleman, discusses the most important things to know and do following a highway or interstate collision in Tennessee.

    The most important things to do after a Tennessee Interstate crash include:

    • Dial 911 and wait for emergency services to arrive.
    • Document the accident scene by taking as many photos or videos as possible.
    • Gather any witness information, such as name, phone, and email.
    • Get a copy of the police report for your records. If you were injured as a passenger, you can also obtain a copy of the report in Tennessee.
    • Contact an auto accident attorney who will fight the insurance company on your behalf to get you every dollar you deserve.
    • If you were injured in a hit-and-run accident, contact the authorities immediately and note any information you can about the vehicle that fled the scene.


    Tennessee Interstate Accident Lawyers

    Following a crash, experienced attorneys can help injury victims recover damages, including property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses.

    Our team of interstate injury lawyers has represented Tennessee interstate accident victims for over 35 years, and if you’ve been injured by a negligent driver on a Tennessee interstate, we’re here to help you. Our team can get you maximum compensation from the insurance company and help to protect your rights.

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