What To Do After a Sideswipe Car Accident in Clarksville, TN

September 05 2023 | Clarksville Car Accident Lawyer Blog
  • Sideswipe car accident lawyer in Clarksville, TN

    Experiencing a sideswipe car accident in Clarksville, Tennessee, can leave you uncertain about fault and your rights. Our dedicated team at Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers is here to guide you through the aftermath and ensure you receive the money you deserve.

    We will outline the essential steps to take after a sideswipe accident in Clarksville, and how an experienced Hughes & Coleman car accident lawyer can help. Keep reading and find out why it is crucial to secure proper legal representation. Your well-being and legal rights matter to us, and we are available 24/7 to assist you. If you’ve been injured, don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consultation.



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    What to do after being sideswiped in Clarksville, TN

    In this videoAttorney Lee Coleman takes you step by step through the actions you need to take after a sideswipe collision in Clarksville, TN, and why it is important to hire a sideswipe car accident attorney after being injured in a crash.

    Clarksville, Tennessee, a thriving city known for its quality of life, is experiencing significant growth. As the fifth-largest city in Tennessee, it welcomes countless commuters, but this growth also brings an increased risk of accidents caused by negligent drivers on its roads and in Montgomery County.

    If you find yourself injured in a sideswipe accident that wasn’t your fault, taking the following steps can put you in the best position possible:

    • Is anyone hurt? First and foremost, check to make sure you and your passengers are safe.
    • Call 911 immediately. When an accident is a non-emergency on the road, call 847 (THP) on your cell phone. A police officer may get to the accident scene. If that’s not the case, submit a crash report within 20 days. Getting the sideswipe accident report done early is helpful to everyone involved.
    • Seek medical attention. Even seemingly minor injuries can have delayed effects. Seek medical attention to document your injuries and ensure proper care.
    • Move your car to a safe location. If it’s safe to do so, move your vehicle to a secure spot out of traffic so you don’t get hit again.
    • Remain at the scene. Tennessee law requires you to stay at the scene of an accident that caused injury or significant property damage.
    • Document everything you see. Write down or record accident scene details and take photos of the accident scene and any contributing factors like vehicle damage, the direction the vehicles were headed, skid marks, and speed limit signs. This evidence can help establish fault and support your case.
    • Get driver details. Take photos or write down the other driver’s license and insurance information. Get contact details like their address, phone number, email, and vehicle information like the (VIN) Vehicle Identification Number, located on the driver’s side dashboard.
    • Gather witness information. Obtain contact information from witnesses, like phone numbers and email addresses, as their statements can be valuable in proving your case.
    • Get a copy of the crash report: Obtaining a copy of the collision report will be helpful when dealing with the insurance company, and will serve as a crucial piece of evidence for any personal injury claim you may have.
    • Don’t say you are at fault. The accident will be investigated. Crashes happen fast, and it’s hard to determine exactly who did what. Police will investigate, and your car accident attorney will do all the follow-up.
    • Contact an experienced Hughes & Coleman attorney. Consult one of our Clarksville car accident lawyers as soon as possible. Proper legal representation can safeguard your rights. We’ll make sure the responsible party is held accountable for your injuries and guide you through the complex negotiation process with insurance companies.

    Clarksville, TN, car accident attorneys are here to help if you are injured in a sideswipe accident

    As bad as things may seem in the moment of the crash, don’t worry. Our experienced team of car accident attorneys is here to bring you peace of mind. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Our team requests and obtains the police reports and collects other evidence needed to find out who is at fault and what kind of damages you may be owed.
    • We will be your legal counsel and advise you, so your rights are protected.
    • We take care of the insurance company for you to get you all the compensation you deserve.

    With the accident attorneys of Hughes & Coleman on your side, we will handle everything and make sure you get any money owed to you for your injuries and other losses.

    We will recover damages that you deserve in Clarksville and will help you move on

    Our team of sideswipe car accident lawyers will get you the assistance and the money that you deserve. Insurance companies will try for minimum settlements that don’t factor in what your future costs may be. If you hire one of our Clarksville, TN, accident attorneys, you’ll get help for the following:

    • Medical bills now and future bills
    • Lost wages due to injuries
    • Pain and suffering
    • Property damage, including damage to your vehicle
    • Any other losses from the accident

    Acting quickly can put your claim off to the best possible start. Call a sideswipe accident attorney right away.

    Our legal team is here to understand your situation and will help guide you through the next steps. Call us today at 800-800-4600. There’s no cost for the consultation. We’re here for you around the clock. Get it done.

    Is Clarksville dangerous for drivers?

    In 2022, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security reported a total of 4,415 accidents in Montgomery County, with over 15% resulting in personal injuries. The City of Clarksville’s 2021 Fiscal Year Annual Report recorded 2,071 motor vehicle accidents, highlighting the need for vigilance and proper legal representation.

    Certain roads in Clarksville have been identified as particularly dangerous based on accident statistics. Wilma Rudolph Blvd., Ft. Campbell Blvd., and Trenton Rd. were highlighted as the top three most dangerous roads in 2017. Further assessments by the Traffic Enforcement Unit and the Fatal Accident Crash Team identified additional hazardous roads in 2022, including Wilma Rudolph Boulevard, Fort Campbell Boulevard, Tiny Town Road, and more.

    How sideswipe accidents happen

    There are two ways sideswipe crashes happen: opposite-direction crashes and those that happen when vehicles are moving in the same direction.

    Sideswipe Accident in the Opposite Direction

    Sideswipe Car Accident Opposite Direction Clarksville TN

    A sideswipe accident that happens in the opposite direction develops when two vehicles traveling in opposite directions make contact with each other while driving parallel to each other. These crashes are dangerous, resulting in loss of vehicle control, spinouts, and even head-on collisions. This accident can happen when one driver crosses over the centerline or median or when both drivers simultaneously veer toward the same side of the road. In this type of sideswipe crash, the point of impact is typically at the sides of the vehicles, near the front or rear. Damage may be limited to the sides of the vehicles or can be more extensive depending on factors like speed and angle of impact.

    Sideswipe Accident in the Same Direction

    Sideswipe Car Accident Same Direction Clarksville TN

    A sideswipe accident that happens in the same direction is the most common type of crash and happens on highways and multi-lane roads in Clarksville, like I-24 or Wilma Rudolph Blvd., where drivers change lanes often. These crashes can happen when two vehicles are going in the same direction and make contact with each other while driving parallel to each other. This type of accident can happen when one driver changes lanes without checking their blind spot or when both drivers try to merge into the same lane at the same time. Again, these accidents can be just as dangerous as they can result in loss of vehicle control, spinouts, and even multi-vehicle collisions if other cars are nearby.

    Common causes of sideswipe accidents in Clarksville, TN

    In Clarksville, there can be many reasons a sideswipe accident happens.

    • Drivers get distracted: Drivers can cause sideswipe accidents when they are on the phone, are eating or drinking, and when they are talking to other passengers in the vehicle. Drivers lose focus when they are not paying attention to the road and Tennessee distracted driving laws are aimed at discouraging this behavior.
    • Drivers don’t use turn signals: When drivers forget to use their turn signals or don’t bother using them, it can lead to a crash. Drivers not using turn signals to change lanes can cause a sideswipe crash.
    • Drivers are reckless or speed: Sideswipe accidents happen due to speed in many cases. Clarksville, TN, police are always on the lookout for speeders. When it comes to reckless driving, tailgating and weaving in and out of traffic are two big factors that increase the chances of sideswipe crashes. In Montgomery County, TN, the crash death rate per 100,000 population was reported at 14.2 in 2021, underlining the importance of safe driving practices.
    • Drivers are impaired: When drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it causes their judgment to be impaired and increases the chances for a dangerous sideswipe accident and could be the cause of serious injuries.
    • Drivers are fatigued: When drivers get behind the wheel, and they are exhausted, it can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. Their reaction time is reduced. Every year, exhausted drivers cause thousands of deaths.
    • Hazardous road conditions:Weather can cause drivers to lose control and can be dangerous. We are talking about rain, fog, ice, or bright sunlight. All are conditions that can cause drivers to lose control, leading to sideswipe accidents.

    In Clarksville, TN, who’s at fault in a sideswipe crash?

    Figuring out who caused a sideswipe accident in Clarksville, TN, can be difficult. When there’s a rear-end car accidentdetermining who’s at fault is usually clear, but sideswipe accidents need serious investigation. Having an experienced sideswipe car accident lawyer on your side is important, especially when someone gets hurt. Leading the investigation and finding a resolution is what your car accident attorney will do.

    These elements can help answer the question of who is at fault:

    • Physical evidence like scratches or paint transfer from one vehicle to another
    • Statements from eyewitnesses
    • Before and after impact, and the position and movement of the vehicles
    • Skid marks left on the road

    Cameras around the accident scene can be very helpful. The police report is also a big part of the evidence. It contains accident details, such as statements from drivers, witnesses, and any other documented evidence.

    Working with an experienced car accident law firm in Clarksville, Tennessee, is crucial. Hughes and Coleman accident attorneys know the area, and we have the resources to investigate the accident for you.

    Hughes and Coleman will get you the money you deserve in Clarksville, Tennessee. That’s true even if you’re partly at fault.

    Car accidents in the state of Tennessee are governed by a modified comparative negligence system. That means even if you are partially responsible for the accident, you might be able to recover damages from the other driver. If it can be proven that your negligence for the cause of the crash is less than 50%, you could be compensated.

    What are the common injuries that can be caused by a sideswipe crash?

    Sideswipe accident injuries can include:

    • Soft tissue injuries
    • Head injuries, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries
    • Broken bones
    • Cuts and lacerations
    • Internal injuries
    • Psychological injuries, such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Whiplash

    Nothing is more important than your health. Immediately after a sideswipe car accident, you should find medical care right away, even if you don’t have obvious injuries. Some health issues take time to develop and delaying treatment can make the pain worse. If you have been involved in a sideswipe car accident in Clarksville, it’s recommended that you consult with a medical professional right away and a car accident attorney who can help you understand your rights.

    You don’t have to deal with an insurance company alone. We are here for you.

    What if you need long-term care? It’s not something you want to think about, but sometimes, serious injuries can happen in a sideswipe car crash. The accident could cause you to lose wages, and you may need a caregiver. You may have costs that insurance won’t cover. This is when having a car accident attorney that will fight for you is so important. If you are hurt in Clarksville, TN, by a negligent driver in a sideswipe collision, get the help of an experienced attorney who can reach a reasonable settlement for you that would be extremely difficult to obtain on your own.

    Call Hughes & Coleman sideswipe injury lawyers today

    Sideswipe accidents can lead to complex legal situations, especially when determining fault. Our team of experienced attorneys in Clarksville is here to support and guide you. Your car accident lawyer will help you get through tough times that come with a sideswipe crash.

    Choose Hughes and Coleman. Don’t wait. Call us right now.


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