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The most common types of big truck wrecks in Nashville, TN

March 21 2023 | Nashville Truck Accident Lawyer
  • The most common types of big truck wrecks in Nashville, TN

    If you’ve ever traveled through or around Nashville, TN, chances are you’ve passed a big truck. In fact, if you have consistently driven in the Nashville area, you’ve probably even witnessed a big truck wreck, or been a part of the traffic that accompanies a big truck wreck.

    In 2022, in Davidson County alone, it is recorded that there were 2,058 total large truck crashes – 1,099 of those (53.4%) occurred on interstates and 348 (16.9%) occurred at intersections. Additional areas that had these large truck crashes occur included US/State Routes (138), County Routes (35), Municipal Roads (97), Interchanges (66), and other unknown areas (275).

    In 2020, there were 4,965 people killed in crashes involving large trucks nationwide, with 71% of those being occupants of other vehicles. It is also estimated that there were around 146,930 people injured in these crash types, with 68% of those being occupants of other vehicles.

    What is a big truck?

    “Big Trucks” are a class of medium-to-large-size trucks that weigh substantially more than a passenger vehicle. Sometimes, big trucks can be 20 – 30 times the size of another vehicle.

    There are many types of trucks that fall into this category, including but not limited to:

    • Semi-trucks
    • Tractor trailers (or 18-wheelers)
    • Box trucks
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Freight vehicles
    • Heavy-duty trucks

    Big trucks vary in appearance, but there are two things they all have in common – they are bigger and heavier than regular passenger vehicles. For this reason, wrecks involving big trucks typically cause catastrophic injuries for the victims involved in them.

    Types of big truck wrecks

    Due to various characteristics of big trucks, there are many different types of big truck wrecks that an individual can be a victim of. Some of these include:

    Trailer slew (or trailer swing) accidents

    Trailer Slew of Semi Truck

    When the trailer attached to a big truck skids to one side or the other, that is considered a trailer slew. In these types of wrecks, the trailer will typically shift into the lane next to the truck, sometimes hitting another vehicle and/or causing another vehicle to wreck. In many cases, this type of wreck occurs on slippery roads or at high speeds when the trailer of a big truck is empty or lightly loaded. If there are no vehicles around, a truck driver can sometimes get the trailer straightened out and avoid a wreck if they continue to drive forward. However, if vehicles are around or next to the trailer when it swings, the crash and injuries that result could be extensive.

    Jackknife truck accidents

    Jackknifed truck

    One of the most common types of truck accidents, a jackknife accident can occur when a big truck comes to a sudden stop and the full momentum and weight of the attached trailer continues forward, causing the trailer to swing to the side at (or almost at) a 90-degree angle. A jackknife accident can occur at any time, but is more likely to occur on slippery roads or by human error. Sometimes the force of the swing can even cause the truck to rotate 180-degrees and end up with the truck facing the opposite direction.

    With how large big trucks and tractor-trailers can be, it should come as no shock that these types of accidents can cause severe injuries or death if they occur on busy roadways. On average, semi-trucks are around 72 feet long, and a two-lane rural highway is typically 24 feet wide. Therefore, when a truck jackknifes, it could block off the entire roadway, on both sides (if there is no median), plus an additional two lanes. All oncoming traffic could hypothetically crash into a jackknifed truck, causing multiple catastrophic wrecks of various types.

    Underride and override truck accidents

    Underride accident

    Both underride and override truck wrecks have to do with the height of the truck.

    Underride accidents can occur from the rear or side of the truck, and are the result of a car sliding under the big truck. For example, if a small passenger vehicle rear-ends a semi-truck, and the front of the passenger vehicle slips underneath the truck, the wreck is qualified as an underride truck accident.

    Override accidents are essentially the opposite, but still result in the passenger vehicle being underneath the big truck. These types of wrecks can occur when big trucks rear-end other vehicles with such force that the smaller vehicle ends up being run completely over or the truck ends up on top of it.

    In summary, from a passenger vehicle driver’s point of view, an underride truck accident can occur if you rear-end a truck, and an override accident can occur if a truck rear-ends you. Both could result in extensive injuries or even death.

    Rollover truck accidents

    Why you need a rollover truck accident lawyer

    Big trucks tend to be less stable than passenger vehicles – mainly due to their size and the weight distribution of their load. If items are not properly loaded and secured prior to transport, they could shift around while the truck is in motion, which could cause the truck to tip over and start to roll with any change in direction or speed. In addition, even if the load is properly secured, when a truck starts to lean due to a sudden or sharp turn, hits a barrier or curb, or even makes a lane shift too quickly, a rollover accident can occur simply due to their high center of gravity.

    If a big truck does roll over, any and all surrounding vehicles could be crushed, which could result in severe or fatal injuries.

    Other truck accident types

    The accident types listed above are specific to big trucks. However, big trucks can also cause wrecks similar to auto accidents between two normal passenger vehicles, including sideswipe accidents, side-impact accidents, and rear-end collisions. Although the qualifier of the accident may be similar to one between two smaller vehicles, big truck wrecks tend to cause much more extreme and severe injuries.

    If you are involved in an auto accident in Nashville, it is important to seek immediate treatment for your injuries, no matter the type wreck.

    Call an experienced truck accident lawyer

    Injuries resulting from a big truck accident can be severe or even fatal. Surviving victims of these accident types typically have to endure strict medical treatment and plans throughout their recovery. Medical bills can start to pile up. Medical appointments and injuries can result in lost wages. Both of these factors can make truck accident victims feel hopeless.

    If you’ve been injured in a big truck wreck in Nashville, TN, call now! Our team of Nashville truck accident lawyers has experience fighting for big truck wreck victims to get them the compensation they deserve. We will take care of the insurance company so that you can focus on your recovery. We’ve successfully represented many individuals who were severely injured due to a negligent truck driver, and we have the track record to prove it.

    In 2022, we fought in court for a Tennessee client who was struck by a semi-truck driver that was not paying attention. Our client was severely injured. We took the insurance company to trial court, where our client was awarded a $12 Million jury verdict.

    For over 30 years, we have been fighting for the justice our clients deserve across Kentucky and Tennessee. We have a team of personal injury lawyers who have experience successfully representing clients in many different practice areas.

    If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, don’t wait! Call 800-800-4600. We are available 24/7 to take your call and complete a free case evaluation.

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