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  • 5 Things We at Hughes & Coleman Are Thankful For

    November 22 2016 | Blog | No comment

    It is practically impossible to be cynical about the values Thanksgiving encourages us to share. After all, even Nashville personal […]

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  • Potential Perils of Black Friday

    November 16 2016 | Blog | No comment

    Black Friday is a huge shopping day in the U.S. and one of the busiest days of the year. Retailers […]

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  • Safer Navigation With Mobile Apps

    November 09 2016 | Blog | No comment

    We have come a long way from the days since the U.S. highway system was established in 1927. Back then, […]

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  • Memphis, TN Man Dies on Star Tours Ride

    November 07 2016 | Blog | No comment

    Memphis, TN Man Dies on Star Tours Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios     A 67 year old man recently […]

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  • Kids’ Safety and Homeowner’s Liability During Halloween

    October 26 2016 | Blog | No comment

    Halloween is a night that’s all about the illusion of danger and scary things happening. However, as much as we […]

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  • Eight Horrifying and Real Halloween Accidents

    October 21 2016 | Blog | No comment

    Halloween is supposed to be all about pretend scares and the joy of embracing the gruesome and macabre. Unfortunately, these […]

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  • Kentucky Car Accidental Injury Attorney

    Don’t Be One of ‘Those’ Drivers This Winter

    October 20 2016 | Blog | No comment

    If you’ve lived through a few winters in Kentucky or Tennessee, it’s likely that you’re used to the protocol when […]

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  • Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney

    Contingency Fee Arrangements: Why Personal Injury Lawyers Use Them

    October 12 2016 | Blog | No comment

    Those most in need of compensation from a lawsuit often end up being the ones least able to pursue one. […]

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  • Kentucky Social Media Nursing Injury Attorney

    Federal Crackdown on Social Media Nursing Home Abuse

    September 25 2016 | Blog | No comment

    Nursing homes have traditionally been considered places where the elderly can enjoy respectful treatment and a high quality of care. […]

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  • Kentucky Car Accidental Injury Attorney

    Distracted Driving – A Real Danger

    September 24 2016 | Auto Accidents, Blog | No comment

      Everyone has experienced that moment of panic when they see someone swerving between lanes in a high-speed vehicle. Maybe […]

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