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Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident in Louisville, KY

July 01 2022 | Car Accident Lawyer Blog, Louisville Car Accident Lawyer Blog
  • Why you need a personal injury lawyer in Louisville

    If you’ve been in a car wreck in Louisville, KY, there are several things that you need to know. First, understand that the insurance company and the insurance adjuster are NOT on your side; their job is to keep the company from paying you too much. A Louisville car accident lawyer can fight the insurance company for you, and an experienced car accident attorney can help build up your case’s value.

    The insurance company will try to convince you to take a quick and early settlement. They hope you won’t talk to a personal injury attorney, as a personal injury attorney knows your case value can increase over time. Every car accident case is different, but an experienced attorney knows what steps you should take during your claim to maximize the value of your case and increase the amount of your settlement.

    Our personal injury lawyers will represent you without requiring payment unless they get you money! Hiring a personal injury lawyer can only benefit your case.

    What Is The Role Of An Insurance Company?

    Insurance companies and adjusters are good at what they do. They do it every single day. Their job is to pay you as little money as possible to increase their profits, and they know what steps to take to convince you to accept their offer.

    Is An Insurance Adjuster a Friend or Foe?

    After a car accident, the adjuster will make you feel like they are your friend or as though they are going through this frustrating process with you. They will oftentimes say things that are true but may not tell you the whole story. Previous clients have disclosed specific cases to our team where this exact scenario has happened. Adjusters have sent our clients checks for small amounts of money and misled clients into believing this sum was all the company could afford. Insurance companies have also made small settlement amounts seem reasonable when in reality, they are not. The Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers Team in Louisville, KY, knows how insurance companies do business and can handle communications with them, so you don’t have to.

    How Important Are Evidence And Information In A Claim?

    In certain cases, though, the adjuster may not technically be lying. Without medical records, bills, and other evidence to document and support the injury claim, a low settlement could be all that the adjuster can offer. A personal injury lawyer can help to gather the evidence and information needed to support your claim and get you the settlement offer you deserve.

    Is The Insurance Company On Your Side?

    Think about it this way: that same insurance company pretending to be your friend, the one pretending to be in this mess with you until the end, is hiring the attorney for the other side if a lawsuit is ever filed! The insurance company will be in the case until the end – they have to – because it’s “their” money that you are fighting for; however, they are and will always be on the other side. The further into the claim you get, the more apparent their opposition will become.

    After a car wreck, accident victims frequently must deal with their insurance company. Don’t let them fool you. Your own insurance company will hire an attorney to argue in court that you do not deserve the amount of money you are asking for. Insurance companies always think about themselves first, which is very important to remember when initiating your injury claim.

    How Can An Attorney Maximize Personal Injury Claims?

    Personal injury cases are all different, and no personal injury lawyer or law firm can guarantee results or tell you the exact value of your claim at the outset; however, an experienced Louisville car accident attorney can tell you how to maximize the value of your claim. This is really what you should be worried about during your case – maximizing the value and the amount of money you put in your pocket!

    What can an Experienced Lawyer do for You?

    As mentioned earlier, insurance companies want you to settle early and for less money. They are businesses with payrolls and stakeholders that worry about profits. The main difference is that personal injury lawyers make more money when you get more, and insurance companies make more money when you get less.

    Find An Attorney You Can Trust.

    An experienced attorney can shift the scales in your favor and better prepare your claim to take in front of the insurance company. With our team, you get to talk to someone who knows the ins and outs of car accident cases and is actually fighting for you, not against you. The Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers Team in Louisville, KY, will fight for you and is available 24/7 for a free consultation. Call now! The initial consultation is free; we only get paid if you do.

    Should A Personal Injury Claim Settle Quickly?

    Insurance adjusters want you to settle quickly and cheaply; however, that doesn’t mean personal injury law firms want your case to take forever. As car accident lawyers, we want to maximize the value of your claim. We understand the need to receive a settlement quickly and wish to accept the initial settlement so you can move on with your life; however, we also know from experience that you probably deserve more than the first offer, and we will fight to get what you deserve.

    A good analogy is like driving a race car. Car accident lawyers want to go as fast as possible without flipping the car over. Sometimes car accident cases can move quite quickly and other cases take longer. Each case is different.

    A fair settlement is what a skilled attorney will fight for after you’ve suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligence. To start, they need to know the realities of the situation, which is why car accident lawyers will start by gathering the necessary evidence.

    What Evidence Is Needed In A Personal Injury Claim?

    There are many pieces of evidence to gather and consider in a personal injury claim. The police report, for example, is evidence necessary to establish the value of your claim. Understanding your insurance coverage is also important. Personal injury attorneys can locate all car insurance coverage, such as PIP coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, as well as the coverage of the at-fault driver. We will also work with your medical providers to gather your medical records and medical bills and document your medical expenses.

    How Much Compensation is Fair Compensation After a Car Accident?

    The compensation you receive will depend on the injuries you’ve sustained. Early on in your case, your injuries may not appear serious, but that does not mean that your injuries are minor. Sometimes injuries from a car accident can show up days or even weeks later. Our experienced Louisville car accident attorneys can help you find medical professionals that can determine the severity and nature of your injuries.

    This documentation, the specific records of your injuries, what they are, and how bad they are, are all reasons the insurance adjuster wants you to settle early and cheaply. They know what our Louisville car accident lawyers know – a case gets much more valuable once you have that evidence.

    What Else Can a Lawyer do for you After a Car Accident?

    After a car accident, medical bills pile up, and you could be suffering from lost wages. Your life is turned upside down with the present costs you’re facing and the potential future costs that could come with car accident injuries. A car accident lawyer can help alleviate many of those stresses from your life. However, a lawyer is not a magician. If you’re hurt, then you’re hurt. If you can’t work, you’re going to have lost wages. Additionally, if you’re receiving medical treatment, you’re going to have medical bills.

    A Louisville Car Accident Lawyer Can Actually Help You Before the Claim Settles!

    While a car accident lawyer cannot magically make everything better right away, that does not mean that we are powerless. Before your claim settles, the Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers team can get to work handling your medical bills. We can work with the available insurance coverage and help you recover compensation for your lost wages through personal injury protection (PIP). We can work with your medical professionals and health insurance to pay bills. Even if you have no health insurance, we can try to work with the medical treatment providers to delay payment on the bills while your claim is still ongoing.

    Is Hiring a Hughes & Coleman Lawyer Expensive?

    Our car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. That means we only get paid if we get you financial compensation. You will never owe us any money unless we get you a settlement or you are awarded money. The initial consultation is ALWAYS free. So, if you choose not to hire us after the consultation, you will not owe us money.

    What Are Contingency Fees?

    Contingency fees are legal fees that depend on the case’s outcome. After car accidents, you have enough on your plate. There is no need to fear that hiring our firm will become one of those worries. In fact, even before your claim settles, we may be able to help eliminate some of the financial burdens that you are already experiencing.

    Medical Expenses

    Medical Bills can pile up quickly. Sometimes medical facilities do not want to bill your health insurance. Why would the doctors not want to bill your health insurance? The answer to that is pretty simple.

    PIP Money Versus Health Insurance

    Personal Injury Protection or PIP coverage is generally available to cover the first $10,000 of lost wages or medical bills, and PIP coverage pays dollar for dollar on your medical treatment.

    For example, if you have a $10,000 emergency room bill, PIP can pay $10,000 of the cost. Your health insurance coverage? The payment they make will depend on your carrier and the contracts they have worked out with the medical groups that provided your care; however, it is not uncommon for your Health Insurance to pay less than 50% of the actual bill. That saves you quite a bit of money, but usually it’s not enough.

    How To Recover Lost Wages?

    If your PIP Coverage pays all $10,000 to the Emergency Room, then there may not be any money left to compensate you for being unable to work. In a Louisville Car Accident, Kentucky Law will govern the claim. PIP can pay you up to $200 per week for the wages you are not receiving. Thus, it is crucial to know your rights and coverage at the start of the case so that the PIP money can be utilized in the manner that best suits your current needs. Oftentimes, the best use is to not spend all of it to pay the first hospital that treated you, which also likely accepts your health insurance anyways.

    Attorney-Client Relationship

    A car accident can make you feel as though you’ve lost control of your life. The aftermath of a car accident can often feel like more of a roller coaster ride than the initial crash. After an automobile accident, an injured victim needs a car accident attorney to guide them through the process, to be there for them, and to make sure that the legal process works in their favor. After all, the other driver did this – why are you the one suffering?

    We are Here for You!

    In the end, one of the most important aspects of a personal injury claim is the relationship between you and your attorney. Our Louisville car accident lawyers are here for you. We’ve been there for others in your position, and we are ready and waiting to guide you through the chaotic world of auto accidents, insurance policies, and all the other things you should not have to deal with alone.

    Are Legal Consultations Free In A Personal Injury Case?

    Our legal consultations are free, and you never owe us anything unless we get you money. We know how to fight insurance adjusters. We know how to work with medical treatment providers. We know how to guide you through the process and maximize the financial value of your claim, even while the claim is still ongoing. We know how to get you the compensation you deserve; compensation for the injuries that the other driver –  the negligent driver – caused. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT.  We know how to preserve your rights and document your physical health. The legal assistance we provide is based on years and decades of experience – experience representing victims right here in Louisville, KY. We’ve represented your neighbors, your friends, and even your colleagues.

    An auto accident is never a good thing. Physical injuries, emotional distress, mounting expenses, and an inability to work are just the tip of the iceberg. But when life hands you lemons, call us. We’ll hand you a juicer and some sugar. We can’t change what happened to you, but we can and will work as hard as possible to make the best of this very bad situation for you.

    Is Hughes & Coleman Experienced In Car Accident Injury Cases?

    We are Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers. We are a law firm with experienced Louisville car accident attorneys that handle car accident claims day in and day out. We represent real injury victims and fight to get you the maximum compensation after a car accident. We have a proven track record of success in Louisville car accident cases. We know Kentucky Law. We’ve been representing clients in Louisville like you for more than 35 years. We’ve been here for your neighbors and friends, your coworkers and families, and we will be here for you to FIGHT FOR YOU. All you have to do is pick up the phone, get on our website, or just stop by if you prefer an in-person consultation. We are here to serve your needs, and we intend to do that.

    Free Consultation

    We represent clients on a contingency fee basis, so you only pay if we get you a financial recovery. We offer a free consultation for injured victims and their families. Let our legal team fight for you – it’s what we do!

    Where We Are

    We have two convenient Louisville locations: 3618 Dixie Hwy, Louisville, KY 40216 and, 5004 Poplar Level Rd, Louisville, KY 40219. Our phone number is 800-800-4600. There is no risk and no fee to call for your car wreck case consultation.

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